Articles - October 2016

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2016-10-03 Tez, backers brace for rookie combo
2016-10-04 Bengals hoping Eifert gets green light in red zone
2016-10-04 Hobson's Choice: seeing red
2016-10-05 Notes: Eifert tweaks back, status unclear for Cowboys; Dez doesn't work, but Jones ready
2016-10-05 Lewis, Dalton News Conference Transcripts
2016-10-05 Deep, Dak thoughts
2016-10-06 Notes: special teams trying to kick through transition; Eifert not on field again
2016-10-06 Matchup of the Game: Bengals run defense in marquee showdown
2016-10-07 Eifert out for Cowboys but Lewis hopeful for Pats
2016-10-07 Still a Buckeye, once a Bengal
2016-10-07 By The Numbers Game Preview: Week 5
2016-10-08 Rush hour
2016-10-09 Cowboys blitz Bengals
2016-10-09 Quick hits: Bengals look in mirror after Cowboys' wrinkle
2016-10-09 Bengals at Cowboys Postgame Quotes
2016-10-09 LaFell steps up as he eyes old team
2016-10-10 Bengals in search of self
2016-10-10 Ken Anderson hosts walk through stadiums on Sunday
2016-10-10 Guenther calls it unacceptable
2016-10-10 Lewis News Conference Transcript 10/10
2016-10-11 Bengals resolve to resolve
2016-10-11 Bengals Seek Redemption
2016-10-12 Hobson's Choice: October surprise
2016-10-12 Dalton, Lewis News Conference Transcripts 10/12
2016-10-12 Notes: Eifert not working; Green rests calf; LaFell La Man'; Brady lets Who-Dey Youk off the hook
2016-10-12 LaFell, Bengals: on to New England
2016-10-13 Six degrees for Bengals-Pats
2016-10-14 Matchup of the Game: Pats test Bengals' versatility
2016-10-14 By The Numbers Game Preview: Week 6
2016-10-14 Notes: kicking games have a familiar ring; Eifert rehabs but out
2016-10-15 Bengals eye spoiler role at Brady Homecoming
2016-10-16 Pats' four-minute explosion dooms Bengals
2016-10-16 Bengals at Patriots Postgame Quotes
2016-10-16 Quick hits: Bengals give Brady life; Bodine no break but in boot
2016-10-16 The Bengals need to follow Pats Lead
2016-10-17 'We have to get hot right now'
2016-10-18 No obstacles in Hometown Huddle
2016-10-19 Bengals Announce Partnership with Uber
2016-10-19 Notes: Bengals balk at Tezian narrative; Tez, Eifert limited; Browns sold out; On the run?
2016-10-19 Bengals Support Breast Cancer Awareness at Sold Out Game Against Cleveland
2016-10-20 Eifert feels good to go
2016-10-21 Matchup of the Game: Uncle Andy in Hue Jax City
2016-10-21 Bengals Support Cincinnati Bell Connector with Free Parking Offer
2016-10-21 Notes: Lewis: we'll see on Eifert; Haden doubtful; Pryor questionable, but what a story
2016-10-21 By The Numbers Game Preview: Week 7
2016-10-22 Bengals hope to stop a favorite son
2016-10-23 All Hail Green and big plays in win over Browns, 31-17
2016-10-23 Quick hits: Going downHill; Whit in protocol; Green stays hot; Defense adjusts to Hue wrinkle
2016-10-23 Run Through The Jungle
2016-10-23 Offense finds Greener pastures
2016-10-24 Defense gets the read
2016-10-25 Fantasy Recap: Week 7
2016-10-25 UK Fans Unite Over Love for Bengals
2016-10-26 Hobson's Choice: can Bengals point to another run?
2016-10-26 Traveling to London? Here are Tips from Bengals UK Fans
2016-10-26 Notes: Eye-opener of a trip; Whit waits; London challenges; Gruden credits Paulie G, Zim for job
2016-10-27 Full circle
2016-10-27 Fantasy Forecast: Week 8
2016-10-27 Bengals Travel to London
2016-10-27 Whit on the way back from concussion and heads to London
2016-10-27 Matchup of the Game: ice vs. fire
2016-10-28 By The Numbers Game Preview: Week 8
2016-10-28 Bengals stretch for scrum
2016-10-28 Matchup of the Game: Bengals turn to rotation again?
2016-10-29 Wembley reunion a must for Bengals, Gruden
2016-10-30 Bengals and Redskins battle to a tie at Wembley
2016-10-30 AJ says it all: I feel blah
2016-10-30 Bengals defense stands tall in biggest moments of a rough day
2016-10-30 Redskins at Bengals Postgame Quotes
2016-10-30 Cousins no kin to Bengals
2016-10-30 Offense gets the band back together
2016-10-31 Kicks decide it in soccer palace
2016-10-31 Former Bengals Impressed by Fan Support in London
2016-10-31 Notes: Peko's 500th tackle
2016-10-31 Happy Halloween from the Cincinnati Bengals