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Guenther calls it unacceptable


Bengals defensive coordinator Paul Guenther was back in front of his computer Monday after the Cowboys had done things to his team in Sunday's 28-14 loss that very rarely happen.

They gave up 400 yards (402) for the first time in a year, five days, and 17 games when the Chiefs hit them for 461 in a game the Bengals didn't allow a touchdown and won. They allowed 180 yards rushing for the first time in 363 days and 16 games when Seattle dinged them for 200 yards in a game the Bengals still won in overtime.

But Dallas coasted to such an easy 28-0 lead that Guenther called it "unacceptable," and "uncharacteristic."  

"There is no panic , but we have to get the details down conscientiously," Guenther said. "We've got 11 more ballgames left and a lot of football to play. Last year we were sitting here, we won eight in a row. You can't have games like that. It's just uncharacteristic and quite honestly I was surprised how the game came out. I give Dallas credit. They beat us up front. They beat us. I give them credit."

Guenther wouldn't say what he planned to tell his players in the Monday meeting, but he made it clear what he told his coaching staff that has three new position coaches.

"Some of the things with the new coaches, like I explained to you before, it's the first time going through some of these things," Guenther said. "We made some adjustments at halftime that helped out. It's all part of it. Like I told the coaches this morning, we've got to screw things down tighter and tighter now that we're understanding where our shortcomings are. We've got to screw them down tighter."

With Messrs. Belichick and Brady up next on Sunday in Foxboro, Guenther calls the Hall-of-Fame assignment the way he sees it.

"It will be the hardest challenge probably have all year from our side of the ball, at least," Guenther said. "It's the next game. They all count the same. New England doesn't count more than Dallas. It's the next game. We have to understand that is a different offense going into it."


Cincinnati Bengals travel to take on the Dallas Cowboys in week 5 of the regular season.

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