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Articles - October 2014

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2014-10-01 Notes: Cautious Bengals eye wounded Pats; Tez, Marvin Jones (ankle) sit Wednesday
2014-10-01 Power vote
2014-10-01 Notes and quotes
2014-10-01 Lewis, Dalton news conference transcripts
2014-10-02 Fantasy Forecast: Week 5
2014-10-02 Notes: Jackson: 'We're the hunted'; Backs O-line's best friend; Tez, Marv Jones waiting to practice
2014-10-02 Matchup of the Game: Vince looms
2014-10-03 Friday notes: Tez limited but doubtful; Jones doubtful; Green limited, probable; What's in a name?
2014-10-03 Bengals at Patriots Preview
2014-10-04 Matchup of the Game: Bengals challenge Brady
2014-10-04 3-0 Bengals seek prime cut
2014-10-05 Walking Dead Pats bury Bengals
2014-10-05 Quick hits: Tempo catches D; Green on Revis; Stills honored
2014-10-06 Bengals seek a Patriotic bounce back
2014-10-06 Lewis, Dalton Postgame News Conference Transcripts
2014-10-06 Bengals at Patriots Postgame Quotes
2014-10-06 Monday hits: Bengals looking at LBs
2014-10-06 Marvin Lewis news conference transcript
2014-10-06 On to Carolina
2014-10-07 Fantasy Recap: Week 5
2014-10-07 Bengals replace Porter with Saints fourth-rounder
2014-10-07 Hobson's Choice: rushing roulette
2014-10-08 Notes: Tez returns; Lewis has high praise for Kuechly; Tix moving; Baca signed to PS
2014-10-08 Dalton, Lewis News Conference Transcripts 10/08
2014-10-08 Bengaldom turns Green as coaches cope
2014-10-09 Fantasy Forecast: Week 6
2014-10-09 Notes: No sign of Green; Game televised; Simmons match in Kansas?; All Wright; Fortt in crash course
2014-10-09 Matchup of the Game: Double A Highway looks to ease rush
2014-10-10 Friday update: Lewis calls Green day-to-day, questionable for Sunday
2014-10-10 Panthers at Bengals Preview
2014-10-10 Bengals' first law of Newton: stop the run
2014-10-11 Cat scratch fever
2014-10-12 Rookie diary: next man up
2014-10-12 Bengals fit to be tied, 37-37
2014-10-12 Notes: teammates console Nugent; Injuries pile up; Jones' wish granted, calls for D to rally
2014-10-12 Panthers at Bengals Postgame Quotes
2014-10-12 Bengals sort through tie's knots
2014-10-13 Plenty of next men up
2014-10-13 Woods salutes Hill
2014-10-13 A look back
2014-10-13 Lewis News Conference Transcript 10/13
2014-10-13 Notes: checking out WRs and LBs, not kickers; Flag Day; Lewis no comments Panthers
2014-10-14 On point
2014-10-14 Hobson's Choice: kicking it over and salute to Jones' return
2014-10-14 Bengals get a Little help with Marvin Jones on IR
2014-10-14 Fantasy Recap: Week 6
2014-10-15 Notes: Green not working; Hewitt's Luck; Lewis on Tez head hits; New MLB Johnson has future
2014-10-15 Coaches counsel Tez
2014-10-15 Lewis News Conference Transcript 10/15
2014-10-15 Dalton News Conference Transcript 10/15
2014-10-15 On the rebound
2014-10-16 Fantasy Forecast: Week 7
2014-10-16 Simmons: Nugent makes next big one; No A.J.; Tight spot; Pollak sees some Peyton Colts in Bengals
2014-10-16 Matchup of the Game: pressing Luck
2014-10-17 Update: No time frame for Green; Maualuga out "couple" weeks; Mays on LB deck; First No. 14 on 14
2014-10-17 Bengals and JDL Warm Construction team up to renovate player space at PBS
2014-10-17 Cincinnati Bengals at Indianapolis Colts Preview
2014-10-19 Luck of the draw
2014-10-19 Colts suffocate Bengals
2014-10-19 Sanu: We came out flat
2014-10-19 Bengals at Colts Postgame Quotes
2014-10-19 Colts take no offense
2014-10-20 Adversity engulfs Bengals
2014-10-20 Notes: Bengals hopeful on Green this week; Jackson stays course, but eyes run; Stat checks
2014-10-20 Lewis News Conference 10/20 Transctipt
2014-10-20 Peko: 'We'll be all right'
2014-10-21 Fantasy Recap: Week 7
2014-10-21 Hobson's Choice: a run of questions
2014-10-22 Bengals Huddle up
2014-10-22 Green rehabs; Tez, Thompson limited; Maualugua out; Kelly reaches out to Still
2014-10-22 Dalton, Lewis News Conference Transcripts 10/22
2014-10-22 Vocal Guenther tackles slump, urges Tez to adjust style
2014-10-23 Matchup of the Game: role playing
2014-10-23 Fantasy Forecast: Week 8
2014-10-23 Notes: Game on TV; Green Saga continues; O-line looks to rebound; Special match
2014-10-23 Bengals To Present Harrison High School With $150,000 Matching
2014-10-24 Matchup of the Game: Big Whit vs. T-Sizzle
2014-10-24 Friday update: Green doubtful; Thompson questionabe; Special teams at forefront
2014-10-24 Ravens at Bengals Preview
2014-10-25 Showdown in the North country
2014-10-26 Dalton, Bengals bull to control of AFC North with win over Ravens
2014-10-26 Ravens at Bengals Postgame Quotes
2014-10-26 Hits: Dalton checks to No. 14; Little help; Rare PI call lifts Bengals; Geno stirs; Green update
2014-10-27 Bengals sneak a shove into first place
2014-10-27 Defense gets the band back together
2014-10-27 Notes: flag review; Guenther says Sunday Geno starting to look like old Geno
2014-10-27 Lewis News Conference 10/27 Transcript
2014-10-27 Mo Valuable Player?
2014-10-28 Bengals corner market
2014-10-28 Fantasy Recap: Week 8
2014-10-28 The Shuffle's foundation grows
2014-10-29 Hobson's Choice: Green pastures beckon
2014-10-29 Coping without Tez; Green limited but optimistic; Bengals upbeat rest of home sked on TV
2014-10-29 Dalton, Lewis News Conference Transcripts
2014-10-29 Fire and ice
2014-10-29 Not just another day of work for Still and Whit
2014-10-29 Matchup of the Game: Bengals not kidding around with rookie QB
2014-10-30 Fantasy Forecast: Week 9
2014-10-30 Bengals-Jags on TV; Gio iced again as Hill looms on deck; Green limited again
2014-10-30 Next backer up
2014-10-31 Matchup of the Game: punch and duty in red zone
2014-10-31 Friday update: no Gio, but Geno returns
2014-10-31 Lewis says Green on track to play; Gio out; Thompson questionable
2014-10-31 Jaguars at Bengals Preview