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Lewis, Dalton news conference transcripts

Marvin Lewis News Conference
Paul Brown Stadium
October 1, 2014

Initial comments...
    "It's an important week for us, going to Foxborough, playing a well put-together team that's not satisfied with the way they played the other night. They're a much better team than that. They've got a lot of good players, and generally play very well together. It's a big week of preparation for us. We've got to prepare well and really go play good football on the road. It's been a couple weeks since we had to do that, so it's important to get back focused to playing on the road, and what that entails, including dealing with the crowd noise.

You accomplished those very things on the road against Baltimore. Do you think that's helpful as you prepare for this one?
    "I don't think that gives us any points. Every week is a new week, and it's a new challenge this week."

You moved some of the practices back this week. Is that just to try and acclimate guys to a different schedule?
    "We just moved them back a little bit."

What makes Darrelle Revis so good?
    "When Darrelle came out, he was big for a corner, had very long arms, and exceptional foot quickness for a guy his size and stature. He had strength, he had speed, he had good quickness. His hips opened and closed like you want to see in a corner. He really had exceptional physical traits. From what I understand, he's a very smart player as well. I have not coached him, and it's been a while back since we had the exposure to him. Those are the things he always demonstrated on tape."

When you look back at that draft (2007), Revis went 14 and Leon Hall went 18. Is it kind of amazing that both of those guys lasted that long, with the careers they've had?
    "I don't think it's amazing. They're both really good players. We didn't think Leon would be there, and we thought we would end up drafting Darrelle or Reggie (Nelson). We've got two of the three here, so it worked out."

Is Bill Belichick unique among coaches in terms of how different he is from week-to-week in preparation?
    "Offensively, they may come out and run three tight ends with one back for two series, and then the next series they go completely four wide receivers. They really have their plan of what they're going to do, and how they're going to attack you based on their study on tape. Same thing defensively, where they go from a straight 3-4 to a 4-3 stacked defense. This year they even had some remnants of a 3-3 nickel look. There's a lot of different things they give based on who they're playing, what they think will be the best way to utilize their personnel against their opponent. They're unique that way."

Do you feel your players relish this kind of spotlight on Sunday night?
    "We're going to play eight away games, and this is a big one. We're going to go play the division champ in one of the crossover divisions, which was the Patriots last year. We earned this opportunity, and we've got to go and be ready for it."

What's the atmosphere there like to you?
    "I've never been there at night. I know that for a Sunday afternoon game it's a big crowd, one that's enjoyed a lot of success."

Do you view this as an opportunity to showcase the quality of this team?
    "I view this as an opportunity to win another football game. Plain and simple. We don't have to showcase anything."

What are your impressions of Tom Brady?
    "He has such a great command of what they're doing offensively. He understands coverage, where the ball should go, where the ball should fit. Do they want to run it, do they want to throw it? He has that command of things he does all the time. You have to be able to get up on him and get pressure on him, and you've got to be disruptive.
"We've got to do a good job around the quarterback. He's tall, he carries the ball, big stature in the pocket. We kind of know where he's going to be for the most part. This is not an offense that features a lot of boots and nakeds and things like that. They do have a lot of deep play-actions that we've got to do a great job of defending. They do a lot of screens and some grounds, halfback screens, wide receiver screens, tight end screens, and things that come off of all their runs and looks. He has a great command of where the ball should go, and of what they perceive is the weakness of your particular defense that snap to get the ball there."

How important is it to have veteran corners against Brady?
    "It's important. The depth of our secondary, and their experience and maturity, and their knowledge of the game of football, is very important to us. It makes a huge difference in the things that you're able to do, and the fact that these guys have played corner in the NFL, and they know the next thing is coming, so you've got to be ready."

Brady's numbers don't look like what we're used to seeing from him, but when you look at him on film, does he still look like the same guy?
    "Yes, sir."

Is the Patriots franchise the portrait of consistency and continuity around the league?
    "Bill has been in place since the 2000 season, so obviously he's good. He's been the longest in one spot, and done a tremendous job taking them to a Super Bowl in '03, and two other championships since then, and being there two other times. That's what everybody in the league aspires to do. He's really done a great job of turning it around since he took over."

How would you rate your defensive line right now?
    "They've played pretty well. We played two weeks ago, so that's over. This week is what counts."

A lot of your defense's pressure has come from blitzes. Do you want to see more pass rush from your front four?
    "I think we've done a nice job with the front four. I don't know where your stats come from, but I've been pretty pleased with that."

How much better is this team with Marvin Jones?
    "If Marvin is able to play, and when he's able to play, he'll add something to us. He was a very productive player for us a year ago. He's got very good speed. He's another big guy for us. He's got great ability to make contested catches for us. As soon as he's ready to go, he'll add another element to our football team."

Are you surprised at how much he produced last year?
    "No, I'm not surprised by how much he produced."

Andy Dalton News Conference
Paul Brown Stadium
October 1, 2014

One thing about a Bill Belichick defense is, you never know exactly what he's going to do from one week to the next. Is that what you've seen watching tape of them?
    "Yeah, there's obviously different things they do for different teams. What they did against Miami is different than what they did against Minnesota, and on down. You've got to be prepared for everything. I think that's why they've been good, because it's different every week. Once you get into the game you kind of feel what they're going to be doing. You've got to be ready for that once you get into the game."

What sets Darrelle Revis apart from other corners?
    "He's played for a long time, he's real instinctive, he understands playing the position. He's got good ball skills. He does a lot of things really well. You've got to know where he is. One thing you see is, he's flipping sides with receivers, and other times he's inside. We'll see what we do once we get in the game."

Is the mindset of this team that you expect to win, no matter who the opponent is?
    "Absolutely. That's the mindset you have to have. You have to go into every game expecting to win. This team is playing with a lot of confidence. We've got to keep that going. We're confident in ourselves, and we feel like nothing can hold us back."

Was it that way when you arrived here, or has it evolved?
    "I think it's evolved over time. It's the mentality we've had from the top down. Marvin preaches it. Offensively, Hue has done a really good job of preaching it. It's something that we've really bought into. You have to. To be successful in this league, you have to expect going into every game that you're going to win, and be confident that you're going to be playing your best."

Does knowing where Revis is change your reads and progressions at all?
    "We feel like we've got really talented receivers. A.J.'s (Green) really good, Mo (Sanu) has done a really good job, we get Marvin (Jones) back this week, and he's really talented. We've got guys that we feel match up well. I don't know if it's going to change the way we're reading this, but we've just got to know where he is."

What is it that makes Marvin Jones such a weapon in the red zone?
    "He can make tough catches. We feel like he matches up well. He scored a lot of touchdowns in the red zone, but he made a lot of plays all over the field. He can stretch the field with his speed, but he can come out of breaks and do things that makes him a big weapon. He's going up and making plays on the ball, one-handed catches, going up and jumping over guys, doing different things. You've got guys like that, you just get it up to them and they go make a play."

What does that do for you?
    "It's nice. You can put it around him and have confidence that he and any of the other guys can go make a play."

You've also got Sanu, a big body guy that can be effective. Jermaine Gresham can be a factor. Tyler Eifert can be a factor when healthy. You've got a lot of ways you can go in the red zone...
    "Yeah, we've got bigger receivers. You said everybody, and you didn't even mention A.J. (Laughs) He's kind of good too. We feel like we've got a lot of talent here. I think everybody understanding this offense, and understanding what we can do, has made this better."

On Monday night it seemed like Andy Reid had a Hue Jackson gameplan. Does that encourage you guys that what you've been doing may pose some problems?
    "Yeah, I feel like we're going to have a good gameplan going in. We've been able to do so many different things, give some different looks, spread you out, but also be in big formations and run the ball. It helps regardless of who you're playing."

They didn't have Vince Wilfork last year. How different are they with him?
    "He got hurt last year, and he's obviously had a big presence in the middle. We've got to make sure our guys up front are doing what they can to get him blocked, and not make him a huge factor in the game, because he can be disruptive and make big plays. To say that they're a whole lot different, he's just a different guy in there that's been really good for a really long time."

Without giving anything away, it seems like Hue has had a different wrinkle every single week. Can we expect another one this week?
    "I feel like we always have something. We'll see Sunday."

Were you concerned when this team had to replace two coordinators?
    "Jay (Gruden) and Zim (Mike Zimmer) obviously did a really good job here, and they were able to move on to be head coaches. As soon as we got Hue, I'll speak from the offensive side, I could tell his confidence, and I could tell things were going to be good for us. He didn't change a whole lot of terminology and things we were doing. I think he did that because we basically had everyone back. Guys could play fast, and they're not hearing new words, they're hearing the same stuff. As soon as we got talking with Hue, and got into OTAs, and could see what we were doing, I think everybody was excited, and didn't feel like there was going to be a big change that was going to hurt us."

Bill Belichick said that you guys were the most complete team that he had seen in a while. How do you respond to that?
    "It's what you want to be. We've done a good job of playing together, and playing in all three phases. If things don't happen exactly like we want them to offensively, the defense has got our back. Same thing defensively, if things happen, they know that the offense has their back. It goes along with special teams as well. That's what we're striving to be, a complete team, not just known for offense or defense or special teams, whatever it is. You want to be known as a complete team. If you see that, then that's good. We've had a good start, but it's only been three games."

Does the win in Baltimore give you confidence going to New England?
    "Absolutely. When you go on the road, you've got to go and take the game. Everything is against you, and you've got to bring your own energy, you've got top be ready to go. To get a win early on against Baltimore--a really good team--on the road was big for us. So that can only help with our confidence going into Foxborough."

How has the perception of the Patriots changed, if at all?
    "The perception hasn't changed. The way that game turned out (Monday) doesn't show the kind of team that they are. It kind of got out of hand, the score was pretty lopsided, but that's not the team that they are. It shows you've got to play every Sunday, because if a few things don't go the right way, it can turn out like that. But they're a talented team. They've been a good team for a long time, so we know we're going to get their best."

Do you feel like your team is good at focusing from week to week?
    "Absolutely. We've only played three games. We've had the start we've wanted to, to be undefeated right now, but there's a long season ahead. We still have a lot to accomplish."

Is it important to put struggles in primetime games behind you?
    "Yeah, some of the people keep saying we haven't played well in night games, primetime, whatever it is, but we're setting out to win this game. We're not worried about the past and what we've done here, it's about what we're doing now. So we're excited about getting the opportunity to play Sunday night against a good team, and to really show what this team is made of."

Is there any difference in playing a night game for you?
    "You're usually in a normal routine--if we're not playing a night game, we're playing all 1 o'clock games--so you get into a routine. Your schedule's a little different. But playing at night, it's really no different. It's just you have to wait around a lot longer to play."

Did your touchdown catch change the perception of you as a football player?
    "Just showing the athletic ability. I've been trying to get Hue to put me out at wide receiver now (Laughs). It's done a lot. I think Mo's going to be playing quarterback, I'll be a receiver, there will be packages, all this kind of stuff (Laughs). I don't know if it says anything about what I'm trying to show as a player. I did hear that my Madden rating in catching went up like 50 points or something. At least people are starting to see it (Laughs)."

What's your favorite route?
    "Obviously a little wheel route. That's my go-to."

And you're averaging almost 20 yards per catch...
    "After contact, too. I think my break-tackles should go up (Laughs)."

You watched Brady when you were growing up. What did you admire about him?
    "Just his control of the game. He manages the game well. When he gets his opportunities, he hits big plays. He trusts his guys. One thing you can see from watching him is that he gets the ball out of his hands quick, gets the ball to his guys, and lets them go make plays. That's why they've been successful for so long."

You have three receivers with 12 catches, you've been distributing the ball well...
    "We talk about all the guys that we have that can make plays and different things. When you have guys like that, you can spread it around. That's just what we're trying to do, we're trying to get different guys involved. Hue's said it since the day he took over, was you show me that you can make plays, you're going to get the ball. That's just what we've done. That's just what this offense is."

Were you able to decompress during the bye?
    "You take the time to go back and look at what you've done so far. Usually it's not just three weeks into the season; usually you have a little bit more time and see everything. But you do get away for a little bit, spend time with the family, just kind of relax. On Sunday, I got to be a fan and just watch a bunch of games. It's good from that aspect, but glad to be back and ready to go."

Do you view Sunday's game as a chance to show fans what this team can do?
    "Yeah, I think that's a big reason why there are primetime games. You've got a chance to have everybody watching. Like I said, we have to come out and play our best, and we expect to do that, and expect to show what we can do."

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