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Everything McKinnley Jackson Had To Say After Getting Drafted to the Cincinnati Bengals


Defensive tackle; Texas A&M

When you met with the Bengals, what was your biggest takeaway? How did the visit go?

"It was one of the most genuine (meetings). Just sitting me down, talking to me as a player, as a man and as a person. I felt like, one day, I could be a Bengal."

What do you think you did well at Texas A&M? What do you feel you excelled at?

"Being McKinnley Jackson. Being a great team leader, a great person, a great player — just helping everyone get to where we wanted to go — and being accountable, being a leader on and off the field. Whatever I could — do everything right and try to help everyone at the same time."

What's been the key to your success as a run-stopper?

"Elijah Robinson, honestly. Every day, ... (I) thank him. He's one of the reasons I was able to get to where I'm at."

How do you think your game will translate to the NFL?

"At this point, it's a business. I hope everyone appreciates what I bring to the business."

What were your expectations coming into the draft? Did you have a round in mind where you thought you might go?

"No sir, I didn't know where I'd get drafted. I just knew I was going to get drafted. I put the work in. What I have right now is what I earned."

A lot of guys raved about Terry Price over the years. In your time that you got to work with him before he passed away, what was your biggest takeaway working with him?

"One of the things he taught me was how to live life — how to love his players, and love his kids. I thank him and Coach Elijah Robinson for building me (up) to where I am today. We didn't spend as much time together one-on-one, but when we got to spend time with (each) another, he treated me as one of his own. He put me around a bunch of guys and brought us (all) together. Those are going to be my teammates and brothers for life, so I want to thank those guys."

How much do you know about the Bengals' defense and can you think about how you might fit in?

"I'm glad to be part of it. I play football. It doesn't matter what it is. I do the dirty work. I want to get into the playbook and help bring us a championship."

How aggressive are you with your game?

"Too damn aggressive. Some people say I do too much. Sometimes you have to tell me to chill out. But I'd rather do too much than too little."

How many people do you have there with you right now?

"I lost count honestly (laughs). I think half my city might be out here right now."

Are you at a venue or a house?

"I'm at a venue."