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Everything Amarius Mims Said After Getting Drafted by the Cincinnati Bengals


Offensive tackle; Georgia

Take me through your visit here to Cincinnati and if you had any indication that you thought this could be the place for you ...

"I just remember just sitting at the office with Coach (Zac) Taylor and he was like, 'We want O-lineman that are winners.' That's all I remember him saying. And he was just like, 'Dude, if we're lucky to get you, we're going to come get you.' I'm just glad they came to get me."

You're obviously built uniquely. Are you aware of the fact that there's two other guys at tackle that kind of are built as uniquely as you?

"I'm definitely aware of it. I'm just glad to be part of the O-line. Just glad."

The first start you made in college was in the College Football Playoff against Ohio State. How much did your performance there give you confidence moving forward?

"Honestly, it was just more of the fact that if I could do good, especially against the level of competition Ohio State had, I just knew that game could boost my confidence and boost my game honestly. Every single day, I just try to put my best foot forward, just keep attacking in each game after that."

What does it mean to you that you come into a team that has a pair of offensive tackles that have won the Super Bowl that are built just like you and play the game the way that I'm sure you'd like to play it and you can learn from these kinds of guys? Do you look at it as a unique opportunity?

"100 percent. I can get behind those guys and learn from Trent (Brown) and Orlando (Brown Jr.) as much as possible. It was just wild watching both of those guys in college and now in the league and getting to be in the same room with them is just a blessing."

What's it like being on a team that has a guy like Joe Burrow and throws it a ton where the offensive tackles are required to be really good on a consistent basis? What's it like getting to be part of that offense?

"It's just wild because just watching Joe Burrow at LSU I was like, 'Oh my god. I would love to block for him one day,' and now that I have the chance to, it's a blessing. I just look forward to getting in and talking to him. It's almost like a little kid, getting to be around somebody you look up to at quarterback and say, 'You're one of those guys in college for me who I'd love to play with and block for.'"

Why have you been so natural in pass protection and picked it up so quickly?

"Just from my coaches, all the way from high school to college. I have to thank them for that. I got that from high school with my offensive line coach, Ryan McKenzie, in college with all of my O-line coaches. From Coach Eddie Gordon, Coach Matt Luke and Coach Stacy Searels, I have to thank them. Those were the guys that put the time in with me and helped me get to where I needed to be."

Did you begin today thinking this was one of the most likely possibilities for you?

"I just had an open mindset going in there. I didn't have any possibilities but I thought I had a pretty good visit with the Bengals. I'm just blessed to be in the situation I am in."

Why do you think you had a good visit?

"I just felt the energy. I felt like it was overall a good visit."

The Bengals picked you over some other tackles that had more starts and experience at the college level. Why do you feel like even though you have a limited number of starts, you were worth them taking at pick 18?

"I have no control over that. I'm just glad they decided to pick me. I'm just blessed, man."

Where was the draft party tonight? Who was there? What was the immediate reaction?

"It was in Atlanta. All of my family, my past teammates, past coaches and friends were here today. All I can do is cry. As a kid, I dreamed of being in this situation. There's a lot of people in the draft, and for me to be picked at 18 is wild."

Zac Taylor just spoke to the media and described your athletic ability as rare. How much of your game is not just relying on your physical size and strength but technique, and how do you think that's going to grow in the NFL?

"It's definitely going to grow. Everybody's game is going to grow a lot. But like I said, I'm just very fortunate to come around a great coaching staff who can keep developing me and mold me into a player that's better than now."

Where do you think you have to grow the most?

"I really don't know exactly but like I said, that's something me and coach will talk about. I'm open to all options. My game is not perfect, but I'm going to get with a great group of coaches and we're going to work together and we're going to figure that out."

You have some incredible measurables. What do you think are the most significant measurables that make you the player you are? What's the biggest measurable that gives you an edge?

"I feel like just athleticism and being very versatile. I don't mind playing either side, any position, wherever they need me. Just the athletic part. There's a lot of big guys that can't move, and I feel like that's something in my game that gives me a step up and an advantage."

What are your impressions of offensive line coach Frank Pollack in your meetings with him?

"It was great. I definitely enjoyed him. We got on the board, we went to lunch, it was a great meeting. I'm glad to be in the room with him. Overall, just happy, man."

Have you put the ankle injury behind you?

"Oh, 100 percent. That's been behind me."


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