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Woods salutes Hill

Ickey Woods gives a tip of the hat to Bengals rookie running back Jeremy Hill.

While running his foundation's concession stand at Paul Brown Stadium, Woods watched as Hill gave his rendition of "The Ickey Shuffle," following his three-yard touchdown run in Sunday's wild fourth quarter.

"He did all right. I was kind of laughing. He's was a little fast on it, but that's OK. He's not the originator," Woods said Monday. "That's what was up. I really appreciate the young brother for giving me that tribute."

Woods runs the foundation of his late son Jovante Woods, designed to spread asthma awareness. Although he played only one full season as a Bengal because of his injuries, his Rookie of the Year season when the Bengals won the AFC in 1988 has made Woods and The Shuffle Cincinnati icons.

He says he gets a feel for 1988 when he watches Hill and running back Giovani Bernard.

"It reminds me a little bit of me and James Brooks," Woods said. "(Hill) is going to be a good one. He runs hard and he gets those tough yards. Those guys play well. They should have won yesterday, but a tie is better than a loss. You never expect (Mike) Nugent to miss a 36-yard chip shot."

Woods says he'll talk about the foundation and Hill's tribute when he joins Inside the NFL on Showtime Tuesday at 9 p.m.

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