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Paul Brown Cincinnati Bengals -

Paul Brown

Paul Brown is an iconic figure in the annals of NFL history, renowned for his innovative coaching methods and profound influence on the game. As the founder of the Cincinnati Bengals, his legacy extends far beyond the gridiron. Brown's strategic brilliance revolutionized the sport, shaping its modern landscape and leaving an indelible mark on generations of players, coaches, and fans. In exploring his life and contributions, one uncovers not only a master tactician but also a visionary whose impact transcends the boundaries of football.


Paul Brown was the first coach to:

  • Study plays using notebook and classroom techniques
  • Relay plays from the sideline rather than called in the huddle
  • Place an assistant coach in the press box to collect and communicate information
  • Evaluate players through film study
  • Hire a full-time coaching staff
  • Require players to stay in a hotel together the evening before home and road games



  • The face mask
  • The notion of a passing pocket to protect the quarterback
  • The draw play
  • The taxi squad
  • The timed 40-yard dash


  • Won 213 games
  • Helped break the color barrier in professional football
  • Winningest head coach for the Cleveland Browns
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