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Quick Hits: Not Too Hot For Bengals As Burrow Urges, 'Relax'; Asiasi Debuts At TE As Drew Sample Expected To Extended IR With Knee Surgery

Joe Burrow pointing the way.
Joe Burrow pointing the way.

The thermometer hit 94 degrees on the Kettering Health practice fields Wednesday and it's just as hot for the 0-2 Bengals all around.

But not Joe Cool Burrow, who expertly struck the perfect, chilly tone.

"We're not panicking, two games in, we've got 15 games left," Burrow said before going out to the steam bath. "It's all just take a deep breath and relax. We're going to be fine. We're not worried about it."

_The Bengals lost tight end Drew Sample for maybe the rest of the season with knee surgery, meaning Devin Asiasi makes his Bengals debut Sunday in New York (1 p.m.-Cincinnati's Local 12).

"Drew's just one of those tough, smart football players. He's what we want to be about. There's just so many of those little nuances," said Bengals head coach Zac Taylor. "Sure, you coach him, James (Casey)  coaches his tail off to get those guys ready, but Drew is one of those guys that really sees it from a coach's mindset. I'm not going say it comes easy to him because he really works at it. He's really physical, he's blocked some big time guys at times, lots of key plays over the past couple of years and just a reliable guy."

Sample is expected to go to injured reserve Wednesday.

_Burrow says it's not his call, but, yeah, with the offense looking for its first touchdown in the first half this season and trying to jump-start a fast beginning, maybe he would take the ball Sunday in New York (1 p.m.-Cincinnati's Local 12) if they win the toss

"I'd probably like to take the ball every now and then," Burrow said. "I think the game goes a little differently if you go down and score. Obviously if you don't go down and score then you're down a possession and they get the ball. But that's not my decision."

_Taylor knows where there is buzz. He loves it. Not the 0-2 part. But the buzz he loves.

"We've been begging for expectations. We've been begging for high standards and now they're here,' Taylor said. "And this is part of it. When you start out slower than what you hoped and what people anticipated, then you're going to deal with that. I love it. I love the amount of people that are in this (media) room right now. That's great. I love that fans in this city expect more, I would hope. That's awesome."

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