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Everything Joe Burrow Had To Say After the 2022 season AFC Championship

QB Joe Burrow walks to the field before kickoff of the 2022 season AFC Championship against the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday, January 29 2023.
QB Joe Burrow walks to the field before kickoff of the 2022 season AFC Championship against the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday, January 29 2023.

Q: What is going through your head right now?

BURROW: "It's a tough loss. We didn't make the plays that we needed to win this game, and they did down the stretch. That's what it came down to."

Q: How much was your wrist bothering you towards the end?

BURROW: "It happened in the last couple of plays so not much."

Q: Do you feel like the pressure that Kansas City put on you guys was what you expected it to be?

BURROW: "They did a good job, they had a good plan. They did a good job of creating one on one matchups up front to let their guys go and try to win. They did a good job of that."

Q: On that last drive, how confident were you guys that you would be able to get into field goal range to kick the game winner?

BURROW: "Yeah, that was the plan. It started off strong but we had a penalty or two, and we just weren't able to do it. We had a big third down conversion, but we just weren't able to convert the last couple of plays to extend that drive."

Q: It felt like a lot of your plays today were really gutsy. Is that what it takes to win a game at this level?

BURROW: "These games are never going to be pretty. You just have to find ways. It felt like the tide was turning our way, and it felt like we were going to find a way to win this game. Like I said, we didn't make the plays down the stretch."

Q: How much did what Chris Jones was able to do change what you guys were able to do? Did it take away some plays from your playbook?

BURROW: "Yeah, he's so good. He makes it so hard on you. He's so big, strong and physical. He really understands what you're trying to do to him up front. You have to give them credit, they had a really good rush plan. They let their big time pass rushers go to work."

Q: What did you make of all of the trash talk between the Chiefs and the Bengals this week?

BURROW: "I just think that's what makes football fun. It's all love at the end of the day. They know the respect that we have for them and we know the respect that they have for us. It's an intense, emotional game and things like that are going to happen but I think that's why the game is fun."

Q: You guys have been on such a roll. Was this loss kind of stunning for you guys?

BURROW: "You always expect to win the game. You never go out there expecting to lose but that's not always how it turns out."

Q: What do you say to Joseph Ossai, if anything, to try to comfort him?

BURROW: "There were a lot of plays other than that that could've turned the tide in the game and won us the game."

Q: What were your thoughts on that 4th and 6 and connecting with Ja'Marr Chase?

BURROW: "Find that guy. Unbelievable play by him."

Q: When you look around this organization and think about the future, do you feel good about where you are?

BURROW: "I feel great about the direction that we're headed in. That's the great thing about the NFL, it's not like college where you only have four years, you have as many years as you want to, hopefully. We will come back, have a great offseason and get better as a team, get better individually and come back next year ready to go."

Q: Do you anticipate that this is going to be a team you see a lot in games like these over the next 5-7 years while you and Patrick Mahomes are in the prime of your careers?

BURROW: "I think you can expect that. We know the kind of team that they have, the kind of quarterback that they have and the kind of coaches that they have. We expect to be back there and I think they do too."

Q: Now that you have played a few of these games on the road, how badly do you want to be able to play these kinds of games at home?

BURROW: "Yeah, that's the goal. The goal is always to have the one seed. Homefield advantage in the playoffs is such an advantage, so that is always the goal. We'll try to come back next year and get it."

Q: Zac [Head Coach Zac Taylor] called this the closest team that he has been a part of. How do you feel about that and what this team could look like next year?

BURROW: "Yeah, those guys know how I feel about them. There is not one guy in that locker room that I don't have a lot of feelings for and really care for. They all know that. I tried to communicate that a lot throughout the year, and I think that's why we've been in the positions that we were in."

Q: Do you feel like this is a game that will make you guys stronger?

BURROW: "You learn from every loss just like every win. We will go watch the film, make our corrections, get better and head into the offseason with an extended offseason as opposed to last year. I think we can take advantage of that and get a head start on getting our bodies the way we need to going into next year."

Q: How do you try to live in the moment in these games but also be able to move on from this especially having been here last year?

BURROW: "Even last year, the expectation was to always be in this game and to win it. I think we have the guys in that room, going forward, that will put us in that position, along with the front office and the coaching staff. I feel very good about the direction that were headed in. We've been in this game for two straight years. We have won one and lost one. Obviously, this one hurts but we will come back stronger."

Q: Did they do a lot of different things in this game versus when they played you guys earlier in the season?

BURROW: "They doubled us a little more, mixed up what side they were doubling and clouding. We'll have to watch the film and really digest it before I make some more in-depth remarks but that is off the top of the head."