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Zac Taylor on Adam Schefter's Podcast

Bengals head coach Zac Taylor is asked for a quote in his office.

Adam Schefter spoke with new Bengals head coach Zac Taylor about his whirlwind couple of weeks, his coaching mentors and more in his latest podcast.

The Taylor interview begins at the 3:10 mark of the podcast. Taylor hit on a number of other topics on the podcasts. Here are some highlights:

What is the biggest challenge when you arrived in Cincinnati and looked to put your imprint on the organization: "Number one is building your staff. You have to have the right people in the building that have our culture and our vision in mind and have the players' best interest in mind. That they are great teachers and great communicators."

How much time have you had to watch tape on the Bengals roster: "Not as much as I would have liked so far, but nightly I filter through the games. That's the number one priority is understanding who is on our roster and build the relationships with the guys."

When you were interviewing for the Bengals job, the word around the league was this was the place that you and your wife Sarah wanted to end up. What was it about Cincinnati that drew you and your wife: "The people. The Midwestern values...we felt like we connected with the people here in Cincinnati. I felt the same way when I met the Brown family, the Blackburns and Duke Tobin."

What is the thing you have learned from your father-in-law (Mike Sherman): "I've learned a lot. It's difficult to pinpoint one thing. He keeps saying be yourself...the standards that he set with his coaching staffs and his players are high."

What does it say about the league hiring young coaches to be head men for organizations: "We work our tails off. We have a good understanding of what the players go through. It's important to understand what they are going through and where technology is taking the game."

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