Warrick: A quick look

Peter Warrick, the Bengals newly-minted No. 1 pick, took a few minutes after today's news conference to chat with Geoff Hobson of bengals.com. Talking to a group of reporters, Warrick mentioned his desire to beat the Browns as well as his ability to beat defenders deep which he says is called "To Moss," somebody, in honor of Vikings receiver Randy Moss.

HOBSON: Can you elaborate on why you want to beat Cleveland?

WARRICK: For one, It's the first game of the season and they passed me up, for two . And there's going to be a lot of people watching.

HOBSON: Will there be a point where somebody got "Warricked?"

WARRICK: It won't take long. I think it will be a point in time as I learn more about the system and get better at what I do.

HOBSON: When you got drafted, there had to be people telling you that you didn't want to go to Cincinnati because of all the image problems. But they flew you in on Draft Day and signed you with six weeks to spare. What are your thoughts now about the Bengals?

WARRICK: Since I've been here, they've showed me nothing but love, so I can imagine how the end is going to be . If there's love like this at the beginning, I know there will be much love at the end.

HOBSON: What will we be saying six years from now after this deal is up?

WARRICK: That I turned this organization around. It will take time, but you never know. It's like the Rams. No one expected them to win the Super Bowl. They didn't do anything the year before.

HOBSON: Some inside this team have compared the Rams' receivers to you guys in experience, size and draft position. They compare you to Torry Holt, (Craig) Yeast to Az Hakim and Isaac Bruce to Darnay (Scott).

WARRICK: We can make something happen. We just all have to click. Come together as one.

HOBSON: You've read and seen a lot about Akili Smith and you got to practice with him for three days at minicamp. What do you think?

WARRICK: It's a great honor to play with Akili. He was the third pick last year and you hear people say, "He's go-ood." But I've been able to find out for myself that he's a great quarterback. He can really let it go.

HOBSON: It looks like he can really drill it from 15 to 25 yards.

WARRICK: And he can run it, too. He's got that Ahh-Ahhh. Plus, he's a great person off the field.

HOBSON: The club is a little concerned you've still got 17 days to go in your community service. Some may be wondering, "What's he been doing?" (NOTE: Warrick's service is picking up trash in Tallahassee, Fla., after being charged with petty theft.)

WARRICK: I'm trying to get this done. I'm trying to stay focused, but it's so hard. You go in there at seven in the morning and it doesn't end until 5:30 and it's 103 degrees and you're walking for 10 hours. But I know it's something I've got to get done. It's a steppingstone and I've got to put it behind me.

HOBSON: Norm (Nixon) said you told him during the press conference you hate to go back because you're ready to play.

WARRICK: I wish I had never got in trouble. I wish I had the days over with, that's what I was telling him.

HOBSON: Will this spur you to get it done?

WARRICK: Yeah, I'm going back tonight to get as many days in that I can so I can get it behind me and just worry about football. Just play ball. So I don't have these expectations, distractions. Just do what I have to do.

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