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Top 5 reasons you need to experience football in The Jungle this year

The Top 5 Reasons you need to experience football in The Jungle this year:


5.) Concession Stands Make-Over

Game day atmosphere has extended from the field and into the plaza of Paul Brown Stadium.  The upcoming NFL season will bring a bold updated look to stands around the stadium.  Each one will be identifiable with names written boldly in Bengals font with an orange and black motif.  More than 80 TVs outside of the stands have been replaced with high definition televisions to ensure fans never miss a moment of the action.

The Jungle will feature two new stands this year:  "Burgers and Brews" and "Buffalo Wings and Rings"

Burgers and Brews will serve a menu of made-to-order items and provide food that's hot off the grill.

Located on the north side of the stadium, Buffalo Wings and Rings will feature a menu that showcases their signature buffalo wings, something no game day should be without!

This gallery features new stadium improvements at Paul Brown Stadium: club lounge furniture, new concessions,team dinning area, weight room, and new score boards.

4.) Improved Club Lounge Furniture

The club lounge level received an overhaul this offseason as well.  Funded entirely by the Bengals, this $1 million improvement replaces the original furniture with modern lounge-style seating.   The six-person community tables, segmented couches, all new tables and chairs have been situated to offer great accommodations to socialize with family and friends pregame or at halftime!


3.) Free Stadium Wi-Fi

This will be the second year that Paul Brown Stadium will offer FREE stadium Wi-Fi to the fans. 

In 2014 we averaged over 15,000 unique devices per game and this off-season we've added access points for an improved Wi-Fi game day experience.  Including coverage on the Canopy Level, connecting to "FreeWiFiPaulBrownStadium" will give you the ability to snap, tweet, post, and share your experience and promises to be among the finest Wi-Fi in the NFL.   

If you need assistance connecting to "FreeWiFiPaulBrownStadium" please seek out a "Wi-Fi Coach" or tweet @PCMwhodey with your seat location and issue for assistance.


2.) New High Definition Video Boards

The Jungle now features NEW high definition video boards on all sides of the stadium.  The main end zone scoreboards are more than twice the size of the previous boards, measuring 36'x130' feet.  The pixel density has been upped from 23mm to 13mm, meaning a far clearer picture than ever before. 

Both sidelines have HD ribbon boards running the whole length of the field (3.6'x558').  The new ribbon boards will provide news, stats, and game information to the fans with a crisp image created with 15mm pixel density and 72 lines of resolution (The old ribbon board only had 32 lines!).

The result of this technical jargon means one thing: an amazing game day experience.  Replays and video features at Paul Brown Stadium will be displayed with clarity that has to be seen to believe!   

1.) The Fans*

There's a reason the Bengals have gone 13-2-1 at home over the past 2 seasons.  The ROAR of The Jungle is simply electric and you can feel it in the stands AND on the field.  When you come to Paul Brown Stadium you don't just watch the game- you are a part of the action.

Thank you for your continued support this season Who Dey Nation!  LET'S ROAR!

Need tickets?  Get yours HERE or call 513-621-8383 (TDTD).

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