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Still, Robinson anchor practice squad


Devon Still returns to the practice squad.

The Bengals signed up their two veterans for the practice squad Sunday when defensive tackle Devon Still and center Trevor Robinson were named the two-year exceptions. It's the first time two-year players are eligible for the squad and it gives the Bengals  a chance to continue to work with promising players that already have NFL experience.

The Bengals stayed rock ribbed with their 53-man roster cut from Saturday and found nobody better on waivers. None of their own got claimed either and that made forming the 10-man practice squad easier.

One slot is still open on the squad that now consists of rookie running back James Wilder Jr., rookie defensive tackle David King, rookie tackle Dan France, and rookie wide receiver Colin Lockett. All were free agents signed by the Bengals and were cut Saturday.

Also cut Saturday was first-year cornerback Onterio McCalebb and he signed up to be on the practice squad for the second straight year. First-year defensive end Sam Montgomery also got cut Saturday and joined up, a spot that pays $6,300 per the 17 weeks.

The Bengals worked out Sunday tight end Kevin Greene, a first-year player out of USC cut by the 49ers five days ago, and then signed him to the squad.

They may be keeping the spot open to see what unfolds with some of their own guys. They probably would have liked to have had wide receiver Cobi Hamilton on the practice squad for the second straight year or rookie fullback Nikita Whitlock, but they may be headed to a team where they think they have a better shot.

Still, a second-round pick in 2012, has played 18 games but has faced numerous injuries. Robinson has played in 19 games and in his seven starts as a rookie in 2012 the Bengals went 5-2 and averaged 144 yards rushing per game. But a shoulder injury the following offseason slowed his progress.

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