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Slants and screens

Posted: 10:50 a.m.

GREEN BAY, Wis. - Everyone from Carson to Cristina, one of the Packers faithful who admitted Sunday night on the quaint streets of nearby Appleton that they were done with the Brett Favre fiasco and are moving in with Aaron Rodgers, had a take on the deal.

Palmer, who has texted inspiration to Rodgers during the siege, believes no one has taken over a team under such bizarre circumstances ever.

"I can pretty confidently say that no other quarterback has stepped into a situation like that," Palmer said. "He's handled it tremendously. He played well tonight. The organization saw why they have confidence in him. He's crisp. He gets the ball out accurately. He's very accurate. He's got a bunch of playmakers around him. ... I hope he has a great career."

Rodgers went 9-of-15 for 117 yards with a touchdown and a pick that wasn't his fault because it went off the receiver's hands.



CHAD SHOTS: Chad Johnson says he's happy and Monday night he showed it for the ESPN cameras as he mugged with teammates like Palmer and right tackle Willie Anderson on the side.

Just exactly where his ankle is about six weeks after his scope, is anyone's guess, but he ran around pretty well Monday night and played all the way with the starters. The one time Palmer threw it to Johnson, he caught it for a 10-yard gain.

Johnson said he was 50 percent last week and told ESPN's Suzy Kobler Monday night he was 85 percent, but he says he's 100 percent happy about being a Bengal.

After the game he called Ben Utecht "nice," and said that running back Chris Perry "played like an animal."

Palmer isn't surprised even though his relationship with Johnson has been broken down more than Madonna-ARod.

"We're both passionate players who both love the game," Palmer said. "He'll yell at me, I'll yell at him. Just like any other quarterback and receiver tandem. There are times this year I'll (make him mad) and he'll (make me mad) but you always come back together and find out why certain things happen and move on and get better."



MARV TAKE: Marvin Lewis says it's hard to judge his defense from what went on in that preseason opener.

"There are certain things they're working on, on one aspect of their offense," Lewis said, "and we're working on one aspect of our defense and sometimes they don't meet in the middle. We saw more formations and things that our guys haven't been seeing."

For instance, Lewis said the defense hadn't worked against four-receiver sets with a tight end, but he liked the way they responded.


Vintage Marv on Keith Rivers' seven tackles: "We'll see how he did (on tape)."


Lewis played a ton of guys who have been around for awhile but didn't play much from scrimmage last year. Such as cornerback David Jones, who seemingly played every snap with special teams thrown in.

"Oh yeah, whew," said Jones, the second-year corner who played in the preseason for the Saints last year. "But I'm glad. I think it's the most I've ever played in an NFL game and I need it."

Jones got beat on one play for 30 yards down the sideline early in the game on a pass from Rodgers to wide receiver Ruvell Martin. It looked like Jones had coverage but turned too late to make a play and swiped at it.

"You have to keep technique even when you're tired," Lewis said.


True to his word, Lewis rolled out the two rookie tackles for a ton of snaps and Pat Sims and Jason Shirley each had a tackle in the second half, when the Pack ran it 10 times for 50 yards.


The Bengals looked to be protecting guys with slight dings, like right tackle Willie Anderson, running back DeDe Dorsey and defensive end Eric Henderson because they didn't play.

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