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Saturday hits: Whit: I'll never put on another uniform; Shaw-Zim connect; Slim salute; Coaching add


Five days after baring his soul about clarity concerning his future, left tackle Andrew Whitworth has seen the future and it is in stripes.

"I'll never put on another uniform other than a Cincinnati Bengals uniform," Whitworth said he watched Saturday morning's rookie minicamp at Paul Brown Stadium/ "The bottom line is I love this. I won't play anywhere else."

Whitworth said he and the club have talked, but he won't divulge the contents. But after working second-round pick Jake Fisher, he said he's ready to lead his team to a world's championship.

"They've always been great and loyal to me and my family. We will continue to be that way to them," Whitworth said.

SHAW-ZIM CONNECT:  One of the more impressive guys this camp has been fourth-rounder Josh Shaw, the USC  cornerback, who, by the way, may be the biggest cornerback in captivity with four percent body fat on 6-0, 201 pounds. And it looks like he knows what he's doing.

First, he's a football junkie as they like to say. But he's also got a leg up on the scheme. When the Bengals drafted him, Shaw's coordinator at USC in 2013, Clancy Pendergast, gave him a call and told him he'd have no problem figuring out the Bengals scheme because it's a Mike Zimmer defense.

It turns out that Pendergast coached Zimmer's secondary when Zimmer was the defensive coordinator in Dallas. When Zimmer was the secondary coach for the Cowboys for five years before he got the job. Pendergast was a quality control coach on defense and then a linebackers coach. He now coaches the 49ers inside backers.

"It looks like it's the same scheme from the one we had in '13," Shaw said.

SLIM SALUTE: The late Chris "Slim," Henry wore No. 15 for the Bengals in a star-crossed career that ended in 2009 with his death in a truck accident. The 6-4 Henry, a wide receiver from West Virginia, proved to be almost unstoppable on balls down the field. Seventh-round pick Mario Alford, a 5-8 receiver from West Virginia  who burns a 4.25 40-yard dash, says it's a coincidence he's wearing No. 15, too.

He said his Twitter blew up Friday about the similarity and although he had heard Henry's name, he had never seen him play. So he spent part of Friday night watching him on video.

"He was really good," Alford said.

COACHING ADD: The Bengals have  moved Robert Livingston, their southeast scout, to the coaching staff. Livingston has been with the Bengals since the end of the 2011 season, which he spent as the Vanderbilt  defensive quality control coach. He's now the defensive quality control coach/special teams assistant.

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