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Ryan Fitzpatrick Press Conference


Q: Do you have memories of Reliant Stadium? RF:

Yeah. The first game I ever played in was there, and we ended up pulling out a victory in overtime. So I definitely have some good memories, and hopefully looking forward to creating some more.

Q: You were down 21 points in that game, and you were able to pull it out. What do you remember about that game?RF:

It was a hectic game. It came down to the wire, and we were scrapping and clawing all the way to the end of the fourth quarter. We had to recover an onside kick and kick a field goal to tie it up at the end. I just remember it being a lot of fun going out there. It was my first opportunity to play. Just out there trying to make plays, and kind of the guys rallying around me.

Q: Where does that rank among your best moments in the league so far? RF:

It's got to be my best moment in the league so far, just with the outcome and how that game went.

Q: You threw for 300 yards in that one game, was that part of the game plan or just coming from behind?RF:

Part of it was coming from behind. When you're down 21, you're not going to run the ball much. We had a couple of explosive plays that tacked on a lot of yardage. But in the second half it was just doing whatever we could, being 21 points down, to score points.

Q: Did that change how some people looked at you?RF:

I don't know that anybody knew who I was at that point -- a seventh-round pick from Harvard. I think that some people, it was probably the first time they'd heard my name. Am I a household name now? No, I'm still not. But I think I guess that was my introduction to the league.

Q: What stands out to you with the Texans defense?RF:

They're multiple in what they do, but it's a 4-3. We've faced a lot of 3-4 fronts here at the beginning of the season, so that's going to be a little bit different. But (Mario) Williams -- he's a beast on the end. He's a great player, and certainly somebody we're going to have to account for. They play hard. We've got another nice challenge in front of us.

Q: Do you feel embarrassed that Houston is a 10-point favorite going into the game? Houston is a team that you normally might think you should beat:RF:

 I don't think we focus on the spreads. I don't know that we're allowed to. It's hard seeing where this franchise has been the last five years and kind of the start we've gotten off to. I don't think anybody thought it was going to go this way. It's been real disappointing go without a win this far into the season. It's just something where we've got to keep fighting, and this week is like every other week where we're going to go out there and fight for a win and hopefully come out of it with a victory like we're all playing for.

Q: How much further along are you week to week? Is it still a building process?RF:

I feel more and more comfortable every week. I think it will just continue to go that way, just in terms of me being out there. I say this every week to answer your question, but the live-rush chemistry with other players on the team, seeing stuff that the defense is doing pre- and post-snap ... there's just a comfort level that you gain, and the only way you can gain it is from playing rather by watching film and practicing. I feel a lot more comfortable this week than I did last week, and it's the same thing from the week before.

Q: Marvin talked after Sunday's game about how everything dissolved late in the game. How do you keep that from happening again?RF:

I mean, if you look back at that game, it was 17-10. I missed Chad (Ocho Cinco) on that deep ball by six inches or whatever it was, and that's how close it was to being 17-17 in the fourth quarter. So for that game to get away like it did was very disappointing and frustrating for us. But it shows two things: It shows that we're close, and we can beat teams like Pittsburgh. But I think we need to do it once in order to gain confidence and know that we can win in that situation. That just hasn't been what we've been doing so far this year.
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