Rudi by the numbers

According to, Rudi Johnson now has Corey Dillon's salary to match his season rushing record. Can he break Dillon's Bengals career rushing record of 8,061 by the end of his five-year contract?


  • Corey Dillon (1997-03), 8,061 James Brooks (1984-91), 6,447 Pete Johnson (1977-83), 5,421 Harold Green (1990-95), 3,727 Essex Johnson (1968-75), 3,070 Boobie Clark (1973-78), 2,978 Archie Griffin (1976-83), 2,808 Charles Alexander (1979-85), 2,645 Larry Kinnebrew (1983-87), 2,582 Rudi Johnson (2001-2004), 2,478 Paul Robinson (1968-72), 2,441
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