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Roster moves; Hot teams highlight 2010 foes

Posted: 3:10 p.m.

The Bengals on Monday signed five players to the team's offseason roster. All five were on the Bengals practice squad as the 2009 season concluded. The five are:

» WR Freddie Brown (Utah)
» DT Clinton McDonald (Memphis)
» WR Maurice Purify (Nebraska)
» G Jason Shirley (Fresno State)
» CB Antonio Smith (Ohio State)

Shirley and Smith will be classified as second-year NFL players in 2009. Purify, Brown and McDonald will be first-year players.


The list of Bengals 2010 opponents includes games against all three of the other 2009 AFC Division champions on what is one of the toughest schedules in the NFL going off the 2009 results.

The Bengals have seven games against playoff teams, four against defending division champs, and three against teams that won at least 13 games this past season. The combined winning percentage is a healthy .539 at 138-118. 

AFC East champ New England is on every AFC North team's schedule, as the North and East divisions are paired in the 2010 schedule rotation. But as AFC North champions, the Bengals also draw standings-determined games against the champs of the AFC South and West (Indianapolis and San Diego).

In interconference play in 2010, all AFC North teams are matched against the NFC South. The Bengals will have home games against defending NFC South champ New Orleans, as well as Tampa Bay. Cincinnati will be on the road at Atlanta and Carolina.

Game dates and tentative kickoff times will not be determined until the spring. Click here to see the list of 2010 opponents.

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