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Quotes: Colts QB Peyton Manning

On how, if at all, the offensive approach changes when you feel you will have to score a lot of points:

"Our approach is always pretty much the same, is to try to score more points than the other team. That could be 10, could be in the 30s or whatever. That's our goal and it really has not changed in, really, the time that I've been here. You study film all week and you try to find holes in the defense and try to find ways to exploit the defense. But ultimately, your job at the end of the day is to get into the end zone and to score more than them. It's always been the goal and that will certainly be the goal this week."

On it being tough offensively without WR Brandon Stokley and TE Dallas Clark:

"No question that those guys are hard to replace, and may not be replaceable. I think I've used this expression before, 'It's probably more of an adjustment.' You have to lean a little heavier on the guys that you know have been here for a long time and guys that are constantly making plays like Reggie (Wayne) and Marvin (Harrison) and Joe (Joseph Addai) and Dom(inic Rhodes). Ricky Proehl is here. He'll step up. Obviously, (Ben) Utecht and (Bryan) Fletcher will play bigger roles. But no question that it's definitely an adjustment when you lose great players like Stokley and Dallas."

On if having Ricky Proehl in the offense slows down the no-huddle with this being just his third week:

"I think if it was any other player with less experience than Ricky, I think you would have a point. But a guy that's been in the league 16 years that is very knowledgeable of football, he has picked up the system as quickly as anybody as we've had here in just the short two to three weeks that he's been here. It was good to get him in there against Jacksonville the other day and get a couple of catches. I'm getting my timing down with him. No question there's an adjustment period there, but his 16 years of experience has really served him well and we feel we'll be in good shape with him in there."

On as a QB, if he enjoys a shootout like the Colts and Bengals had last year, or is there too much going on at the time:

"During the game you're pretty busy. You're right in the middle of it and on the sidelines, you're using that time to talk about what plays you're going to come back with next, and we always use that time to make any kind of adjustments because it's our time to communicate since we don't huddle. You never know how every game is going to turn out, so you kind of prepare for the unexpected. We'll see how this one turns out."

On how you climb out of a rough stretch:

"We need to have a good week of practice. That's kind of where it has to start. It needs to start on the practice field. You can't just show up on Sunday or Monday and expect to improve. It starts here on the practice field and getting in rhythm and just trying to come out and be really sharp on Monday. The idea, though, is to be sharp in practice—making the right decisions and being accurate throwing the ball, and hopefully that translates to the playing field. That's the only way I know how, is to go back to work and be sure you're doing the same things that you've always done and just try to do them a little bit better."

On just doing it, and is that a commitment by everyone?

"I think the commitment has always been here, as far as doing things and knowing what to do. There's no question it's a matter of doing them. I think actions are a little more important now than words. Talking just doesn't carry a lot of weight at this point, but the actions out there on the practice field starts today, having a good day today and hopefully throughout the rest of the week."

On if it's tougher to move on after defeats like the one at Jacksonville:

"You have no choice. You hate to lose any kind of football game, no matter what the score is. We've had two different types of losses two weeks in a row and both of them are equally disappointing, but you better be able to learn from it and be able to move on so it doesn't carry into the next week. I think everybody's disappointed about the last two weeks and hopefully we can use some of that disappointment and frustration and turn that into some good days of practice and translate it into a win on Monday."

On the loss of WR Brandon Stokley:

"Very tough for him and for the team. He had worked so hard to get back and no question, he was playing in pain out there the past two weeks he was playing. He wanted to be out there for his team. This was a totally unrelated injury and it's all been kind of that same leg. But nobody's worked harder than him to get back out there. He just hasn't had anything for luck, but I know he'll work hard on this one as well. We'll certainly miss him being out there on the field."

On what a win would mean:

"I think we're just kind of into the winning because as the guy in Bull Durham said, 'Winning, it's like better than losing.' That's what we're into and sort of what I'm thinking about. I guess all of the other things that come with it, that's fine. We do need a win, and we want to win around here. There's no question your state of mind is a lot better after a victory. But we can't talk about, 'Just because we've lost two in a row, now surely we'll win this one.' We're playing a tough opponent, a team that's as hot as anybody in the league and we need to go out there and earn it."

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