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Ocho gets his eight

It was like a division game. Each dance was scored twice.

And Bengals wide receiver Chad Ochocinco responded with the best dance of his monthlong stint on *Dancing With The Stars *Monday night when he and partner Cheryl Burke scored a combined 44 score for the technical and performance categories of their rumba.

The Ocho had threatened that the rumba would be his best dance because of his loose hips and he swiveled true to his word. Still, the man who got fined by the NFL this past season for trying to give a dollar bill to a referee during a replay ruling slipped a buck to one of the judges before they hoisted the scores that included his first '8' of the competition.

If he makes Tuesday's cut, next Monday the 8 p.m. show gets cut to 90 minutes and will feature movie themes. The Ocho told last week that he plans to practice in Cincinnati next week during the afternoon while working out with the team in the morning.

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