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Notes: Lewis not in headset debate

Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis is staying out of headsetgate .

"Not my problem. I've got my own problems," Lewis said after Friday's practice as the rest of the NFL swirled with the latest Patriots' controversy.

After Thursday night's game in which the headsets of the Steelers coaches went on the blink in the first 14 minutes of the game, Lewis's name surfaced in a 2006 report in which Sports Illustrated quoted him saying he'd been in Foxboro when his team's headsets went out.

The Bengals actually played in New England in 2004. That's a long time ago.

"I don't remember 2006. It wasn't last week or last month, I'm sure," Lewis said. "I'm sure if we had an issue after we played I'm sure we reported it to the league like you're supposed to. It's common practice you report it to the league."

As a member of the NFL competition committee, Lewis is well aware of such issues and he says it comes up.

"It happens in certain places all the time because of the number of frequencies," Lewis said. "There are stadiums that have proximity to airports and the metropolitan areas and it's harder and there are more issues with the frequencies."

Lewis also said there are all kinds of reasons for such problems and noted that the Bengals had an issue in the last pre-season game last week in Indianapolis when offensive coordinator Hue Jackson couldn't communicate with quarterback AJ McCarron. But. Lewis said, it could have been anything, including coach's error.

So Lewis is staying out of the latest debate.

INJURY UPDATE: In Friday's injury report, every Bengal but rookie defensive tackle Marcus Hardsion and rookie cornerback Josh Shaw was probable after going full in practice. Hardison (knee) is out and Shaw (groin) is questionable after both didn't work Friday. It doesn't look like either is a major injury and Hardison probably wouldn't have been active.

MOVES: The Bengals waived two players off injured reserve,veteran linebacker Jayson DiManche (with an injury settlement) and rookie fullback Mark Weisman (concussion). DiManche had played in 26 straight games and had a big special teams role over the last two seasons before he fractured his elbow last season. He hurt his knee in the pre-season finale.

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