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NFL's season-ticket refund plan for 2011

The NFL announced Tuesday a league-wide ticket refund policy for any 2011 preseason and regular-season games that are cancelled for a work stoppage. The policy would apply to all general admission tickets. Each club determines its own policies for club seats, suites, and payments for personal seat licenses,   a procedure the Bengals have yet to announce.

 The league said teams plan to send season-ticket holders more information in the coming weeks regarding their accounts and opportunities to purchase tickets for next season.

 "We are working hard to secure an agreement with the union that is fair and forward-thinking to ensure our game is sound and strong well into the future," said NFL commissioner Roger Goodell in a statement. "We know we will reach an agreement at some point. We all want football without interruption, but our fans are entitled to know now that they would receive refunds if any games are cancelled."

The policy for general admission tickets includes full refunds offered for all preseason and regular-season home games that are cancelled, and season and partial season ticket holders have the option to receive refunds in either the form that they paid (check or credit card), or in credits towards future games.

Also, buyers of individual game tickets would be offered a refund or the right to exchange their ticket to a cancelled game for a ticket to a future game as selected by the club and subject to availability. Refunds will be paid no later than 30 days after final determination of how many games will be played during the 2011season.

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