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New Peter Principle

How the Bengals' top five all-time receivers fared as rookies compared with Peter Warrick:

Cris Collinsworth, 1981, 67 catches-1,009 yards-15.1 yards per catch -8 TDs; No. 2 on team's all-time list.

Eddie Brown, 1985, 53-842-17.8-8; No. 4 on all-time list. **

Peter Warrick, 2000, 51-592-11.6-7 TDs (four receiving, two rushing, one punt)**

Darnay Scott, 1994, 46-866-18.8-5; No. 5 on all-time list.

Isaac Curtis, 1973, 45-843-18.7-9; No. 3 on all-time list.

Carl Pickens, 1992, 26-326-12.5-2 (one receiving, one punt); No. 1 on all-time list.

Warrick against other rookie receivers:

Darrell Jackson, Seattle, third-round pick, 53 catches-713 yards-13.4 yards per catch-6 TDs **

Peter Warrick, Cincinnati, first round, 51-592-11.6-4**

Sylvester Morris, Kansas City, first round, 48-648-13.5-3

Dennis Northcutt, Cleveland, second round, 39-422-10.8-0

Travis Taylor, Baltimore, first round, 28-276-9.8-3

Lavernaues Coles, Jets, third round, 22-370-16.8-1

Plaxico Burress, Pittsburgh, first round, 22-273-12.4-0

Danny Farmer, fourth round by Pittsburgh, 19-268-14.1-0 for Cincinnati

Ron Dugans, Cincinnati, third round, 14-125-8.9-1

R.J.Soward, Jacksonville, first round, 14-124-8.8-1

Trevor Gaylor, San Diego, fourth round, 13-182-14.0-1

Todd Pinkston, Philadelphia, second round, 10-181-18.1-0

Dez White, Chicago, third round, 10-87-8.7 1

JuaJuan Dawson, Cleveland, third round, 9-97-10.7-1

Ron Dixon, Giants, third round, 6-92-15.3-1

Jerry Porter, Oakland, second round, 1-6-6-0

Gari Scott, Philadelphia, fourth round, 0-0-0-0

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