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Posted: 9:30 p.m.

More from Bengals right tackle Willie Anderson after Thursday's five-year contract extension:



On helping make right tackles treated equally as left tackles: "You know I've talked about this ever since I got here. How the left tackles make all the big money because all the speed rushers are on their side. Maybe that was true in the '80s, but not now. There are athletes all over the place. On both sides.

Just look who I have to block this year. Jared Allen a little bit (11 sacks for the Chiefs last year). Robert Mathis (11.5 sacks for the Colts). Julius Peppers (10.5 sacks for the Panthers). Derrick Burgess (16 sacks for the Raiders) led the NFL on my side. And you don't hear about Clark Haggans for the Steelers, but he gets eight and a half sacks a year."

On staying: "I never wanted to leave this place. An offensive lineman wants three things - A great head coach the team believes in; we got that. A great quarterback; we've got one of the best in the league right here. And Paul Alexander is one of the NFL's best offensive line coaches. We've grown up together and we've been through everything together."

On agent Terry Bolar, a guy that has known Anderson since high school: Terry worked his tail off to get this done. He used to work for (super agent) Eugene Parker and I've been with him since he went out on his own (1999). A lot of people have tried to tear me away from Terry, but it goes back to when Marvin talks about John Wooden's "Pyramid of Success." Friendship and loyalty, and he's done a lot for me."

On being mentioned in the same breath as Ken Anderson for Bengals longevity: I've got a long way to go. I'm not there yet. But I do think I'm going to be able to play out the contract."


Dec. 29: QB Carson Palmer: six-year contract extension through 2014 worth $97 million with $30 million payable in ensuing 13 months.

April 7: RG Bobbie Williams: three-year contract extension through 2009 worth abut $10.5 million with $4 million in guarantees.

April 14: FB Jeremi Johnson signs new five-year deal through 2010 worth $10.5 million with $2.4 million in '06 in salary and bonus.

April 20: WR Chad Johnson signs new six-year contract through 2011 totaling $35.5 million, $16 million over next two years.

July 26: LT Levi Jones signs six-year contract extension through 2012 worth about $40 million with $16.3 million in guarantees and $21 million in the first three years.

Aug. 31: RT Willie Anderson signs five-year extension in netting about $32 million over the next six years, about $16 million in next two years and about $20 million over next three.

Once and Future Offense (contract status):


WR Chad Johnson through 2011


LT Levi Jones through 2012


LG Eric Steinbach through 2006


C Rich Braham through 2006


RG Bobbie Williams through 2009


RT Willie Anderson through 2011


TE Reggie Kelly through 2006


WR T.J. Houshmandzadeh through 2008


QB Carson Palmer through 2014


RB Rudi Johnson through 2009


FB Jeremi Johnson through 2010

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