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Michael Johnson Conference Call Transcript

MICHAEL JOHNSON (Defensive end, Georgia Tech)

Q: Last night had to be a long night for you:MJ: Yes, it was. I had a lot of family and friends over yesterday, and we just kept sitting and waiting. I just decided that I'm going to go where I'm going to go.

Q: Bengals defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer said that it's time for you to go out and prove you deserved to go earlier:MJ: I can't wait. I interviewed with the Bengals at the Senior Bowl in Mobile, at my pro day, and at the combine. I'm just so thankful for this opportunity.

Q: Mike Zimmer said you got a little perturbed when they continued to ask you questions about consistency:MJ: Yes, because I continually made plays throughout my career. I just want to come in and continue to do that, just get things done.

Q: How much did it surprise you that you continued to get questions about that?MJ: I try not to let any questions surprise me. I tried to be prepared for anything. I just tried to answer them as best as I could.

Q: Were you aware that consistency was the one question a lot of teams had about you?MJ: Yes, it came up.

Q: Why do you think that was?MJ: I can't really say. Maybe it's because they want to see more out of me on a play-by-play basis. I'm just going to have to come in and do that.

Q: Do you know Bengals linebacker Eric Henderson?MJ: Yes, I know Eric.

Q: Eric has been singing your praises for the last couple of months:MJ: He was at Georgia Tech when I started there. I look forward to doing the same thing when I get there (Cincinnati).

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