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Marvin Lewis Press Conference


Opening comments:ML:
The guys whose services we will not have this week are Chris Perry, Jonathan Fanene, and Adam Kieft. The questionable guys are Scott Kooistra with a toe injury, Deltha O'Neal with a knee injury, and Hannibal Navies with a pectoral injury. Everyone else should be up and running as of Monday evening. The news of the day yesterday was Carson (Palmer). He has continued to be very consistent all the way through, and not a lot has changed. We will proceed with allowing him to play. As far as how much he will play, I'll judge that during the game, and we'll go from there.

Q: Do you have an idea of how long you would like him to be able to go?ML:

No. Just like with any of them, we don't tell them how long they are going to play. We just tell them to play and then we just take them out.

Q: Does he have to play against Indianapolis to play against Kansas City?ML:

It's his preference to play against Indianapolis. He expressed that a couple of weeks ago. We'll follow that plan. He would prefer not to have a bye week. 

Q: That will be a big thing, as far as how he comes back after the game:ML:

He's bounced back every day. It's going to be no different on Monday than what he's been doing. It's not like his load has changed. He's been doing the same things. He's been fine every day and he's worked every day. He works in between practices and after practices. Obviously it's going to be something we consider.

Q: Third preseason game is normally the dress rehearsal game where players cool down, warm back up, and go a little:ML:

I don't know that every team does that, or that we've ever done that. 

Q: It happens around the league, so I was just curious:ML:

I'll judge how much he'll play on Monday night during the game.

Q: Are you looking forward to seeing Sam Adams and David Pollack play?ML:

Yes, I am looking forward to the guys playing together on defense. We've been without a couple guys who should be starting players for us on defense. So it'll be good to have those guys out and get them some playing time on Monday. 

Q: You'll be unveiling Sam Adams?ML:

I guess. That's what you guys wrote. 

Q: Sam's got an independent streak. How do you deal with that?ML:

From the very first time I met Sam, Sam has his own ideas. He's very, very strong-willed. I think that makes him a very good player. He knows how to do things the way you ask him to do it, and yet he has the determination to do things to try and defy people ... defy perception, I guess would be the word. He has always been that way. You like that part of him. He's very intelligent on the field and off the field. On the field he helps you in those ways. He helps guys understand the game plan. 

He helps the guys understand the other side of the football and things that are occurring within the scope of the game. Those are things that I'm looking forward to having on our football team, just like Dexter (Jackson) has brought to us. Those guys from outside who see things with a little different perspective and will help our other guys grow a little bit and add to the things that we're doing.

Q: How is Carson dealing with the pressure of playing Monday?ML:

I think Carson will be fine. I know Carson will be fine. He's always the same and doesn't change much. Now he won't have to answer the question any more. He can answer questions, I guess, Monday evening after the game, 'How do you feel?' and I guess next time we let you in here on Wednesday. Then it will be over and that will be good. I know he's looking forward to that and the fact he can put all of this behind him and move forward. He's come back from the injury. He's worked very, very hard and he's been diligent with it. Now it's time to move forward.

Q: On the starting offensive line and backfield playing together for first time:ML:

It's a big challenge. A good, formidable group we're going to play against, very good defensive football team in Green Bay. Not much change in the faces we faced last year when we played them in the regular season. It will be a good test for our guys and one that they need to ratchet it up for and be up to the challenge in all of our phases.

Q: It's not a given that if Carson plays Monday and against Indy that he'll start the season opener?ML:

We want to make sure he's comfortable and we're comfortable with how things are going, and go from there.

Q: Are there any specific two or three things that you have to see?ML:

Yeah, there's a couple, two or three things, we'd be looking for from him. No question.

Q: What would those be?ML:

Those would be for me to know.

Q: What's tougher on him, practice or games?ML:

I don't know, because practices are longer in the sense that the time period you're on your legs and on your feet is greater. The fact that you're coming right back and doing it again and again and again is hard. In this case, he's going to have a day of therapy and a day to get the blood flow back through his body. He won't have to play a full football game. That will be to our benefit.

Q: Do you want Carson to get that first hit out of the way?ML:

We want to keep the quarterback clean. The quarterback is going to get touched; he's been touched already and he's going to get touched again. That's the way it is. He's not going to fall apart, he's not made of peanut brittle. This is a big strapping person, and he's going to be fine.

Q: Are you giving any special instructions to his teammates to keep him safe?ML:

Oh, they always have special instructions to keep him safe. They know where their bread is buttered. That hasn't changed.

Q: Well, they missed it once:ML:

Well, no, we didn't. We completed a whatever-yard pass and a guy fell on him after that play. We keep him pretty clean. He's been sacked less than most quarterbacks in the league. I think second-least over that last two years, so we keep him pretty clean. Sometimes you get sacked and it's your fault, and he's had a couple of those, too. But, they always have special instructions. He drives this ship and our guys know that. We're a different football team with Carson Palmer at quarterback.

Q: What does Big Sam (Adams) bring to the defense?ML:

He's such a good athlete; he's a fine, fine athlete. He's a big strong person, very quick and very strong and makes great use of his hands. He has great understanding of the game, understands the offense and protections, things like that make your team better. I think that's important, that he has the ability to make other guys better and make his football team better and use those things to make himself the fine player that he is. A lot of the things that were in Sam's past are things that I've had to deal with and coach out of him. I've not experienced a lazy Sam Adams because I keep my foot wherever Sam Adams needs it to keep going. I look forward to that. We're lucky to have him here and now he'll prove he's worth his weight. That's a big statement there. I'm sure he'll like that one.

Q: Since he's playing now, can you divulge your agreement with him?ML:

No. The agreement is the agreement. 
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