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Marvin Lewis Press Conference


Opening comments:ML:
We'll start right away with the injuries. We came out of the game in good shape. We had some minor bumps and bruises but we should go into next week in good shape. The only guy we were dealing with this past week was T.J. Houshmandzadeh, and he should have an opportunity to play this week if he is able to get out there and practice this week. Other than that we should be fine.

Q: You guys played pretty well defensively:ML:

We've got a lot of work to do. We won the football game, but we've got a lot of work to do, a lot of things to do better. Guys are in there right now working on that. We did some good things, but obviously we've got things to get better at.

Q: After seeing the film, do you have a position of Robert Geathers' hit?ML:

Yeah, same position I had yesterday. Nothing has changed that way.

Q: You've said that Sam Adams and Dexter Jackson bring grit to this defense. Did you see that out of them yesterday?ML:

I think we saw that out of our football team in general. When you go on the road in the opening weekend, there's a lot of hoopla and you've got to be ready for that. I think having a couple more veteran characters on your football team gives you an opportunity to handle that better. Our other guys are now a year older. We were able to meet the surge, go beyond the surge, and even set our own tempo, which is what we looked forward to doing.

Q: We got the feeling in your postgame news conference that you really wanted to hold them to no touchdowns:ML:

I always want the opponent to have no touchdowns, so you're right. Every time we go out there, I want them to have no points and us to score every time we have the football, there is no question about that. ... Regarding this game, you never want to give up a fourth-down score. Obviously that's a big momentum changer when they go for it on fourth down. When you have an opportunity to give them zero points, that's big. You don't want to give up a fourth down score when you've made them go the length of the field that way for a reason. You want to run out the clock and do it that way.

Q: You guys had an average drive start at the 47 yard line. How big was that?ML:

Very big. In fact, when I spoke to Herm (Edwards) today, that's what he talked about and I told him I almost couldn't believe that stat. We had a chance to make it more dramatic if we get those two punts downed. Once again, that is something we can do better. Kyle (Larson) gave us two opportunities to get that ball inside the five yard line, and we've got to get that ball downed there. 

Q: Your offense was having a down day. Was it a good thing for the defense to take the lead for a change?ML:

It's where we started last season, so that's generally where you are. Unfortunately, at the beginning of the year, you're going to keep more games closer on defense. We had the lead, and then the rain came. The best thing our offense was going to do was control the football, and that's what we told them to do at that point. That's the way Bob (Bratkowski) called the game. We wanted to keep the ball out of their hands and in our hands. That limited our offense a little bit in the third and fourth quarters. I limited them and I held them back. The most important thing was for us to win the football game.

Q: Is it a coordinator's dream to be able to get pressure while rushing four and dropping seven into coverage?ML:

Again, we were fortunate yesterday. I appreciate your analysis, but you're not 100% right.

Q: You were getting good pressure out of your front four:ML:

We got some good rushes, and we did a nice job in coverage. We held onto the football and we made some plays, both ways.

Q: Knowing about Rudi Johnson's torn meniscus last year, did that make a real difference in him in the fourth quarter?ML:

No. I didn't notice a difference in him last year in the fourth quarter and neither did you. You never noticed the difference on the field and neither did we. 

Q: What do you like about Justin Smith?ML:

He plays hard all the time, he really does. He leaves everything he has on the field. He made some good plays, big plays that kept control of the game and put it back in our favor. He did a really good job in both the run and the pass. 

Q: Do you feel you have all the pieces on defense now?ML:

This team is better than it was last year when we finished the season. We've just got to keep proving it every week and just keep playing offense, defense, and special teams one week, to the next week, and one play at a time in those games. That's what we're looking forward to doing and that's all we can keep doing.

Q: Do you feel like it's an emotional lift holding the Chiefs to ten points and Larry Johnson to 68 yards rushing?ML:

It's not a big deal, it really isn't. People want to compare it to last year's game, but those guys we were playing with last year aren't even on this football team right now. It's not a big deal. 

Q: Did Rashad Jeanty and Johnathan Joseph play like rookies?ML:

No. Johnathan and Rashad both did a nice job of playing a lot of snaps as rookie players. They play, and you don't notice that they're rookies, and that's a good thing. They both play with good composure and play a little more mature than they probably are. Rashad has a little advantage (from years in the CFL). They both did a nice job. 

Q: Did you feel good for Madieu (Williams)? It was almost like a celebration out there for him with all the emotion:ML:

I think that's the way Madieu has always played. I don't think there's any change in him.

Q: Thoughts on Cleveland:ML:

It's a big game, home opener. We'll be ready to play.  
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