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Marvin Lewis Press Conference


Injury report:ML:
Rich Braham is doubtful. Andre Frazier and Levi Jones will be questionable.

Q: What would you like to see from Chris Henry?ML:

I expect everybody here to go out and do their job. Do what's called on within the spirit of the play, whatever the play call is, to make sure you get your job done all the time in every way.

Q: Since Levi (Jones) dressed, does that mean he's a week closer?ML:

It was the same progression we went through with Brian Simmons. You get an opportunity to come back. It's a little different with the offensive line compared to linebacker as far as opportunity to play within the scope of the game. But we'll see how practice week goes for him, how he continues to respond and get back in the mix of pushing on the big people. 

Q: Thoughts on Andrew Whitworth vs. Dwight Freeney:ML:

Freeney is a good player. They won some. We won some. They won more than we won this time. Hopefully, Andrew will get another shot at some point in his career to do those things, as we all will. That was one for them, for their whole team over our team.

Q: More on Levi Jones:ML:

Levi is back. When you suit up, you're back, and I'll make the decision on what we're doing come Sunday.

Q: Is Willie Anderson OK?ML:

He's just got an issue he's got to deal with in his foot. It's not anything more significant than anticipated. I think we have ruled out what it is not. He feels better than he did last week. He was actually playing pretty well. He just got where he was questioning whether he was helping us or not.

Q: Thoughts on the timeout after Chad Johnson's catch in first quarter. It gave them time to study the play and challenge it:ML:

It sure did. Unfortunately, it did. But we needed to call timeout right there.

Q: Thoughts on Chad missing time to get an IV:ML:

Normally he gets them at halftime. They chose not to give him an IV at halftime this time. Again, we make sure we do that when the timing is better.

Q: What do you make of the idea that Chad's cramping has to do with his diet, too much McDonald's:ML:

Chad eats right. The McDonald's thing is just something to get you guys to think about it. He goes to McDonald's and gets hotcakes. He likes pancakes. He goes and gets McDonald's breakfast. Instead of having pancakes here, he has pancakes on his way here. It's not a big deal. He's been tested and it comes back that he just needs to hydrate. He's a guy who just needs to be replenished all the time. We're constantly with him to do that. It's part of him. It comes from talking too much (laughs). He hyperventilates himself, then he dries out, and he needs an IV. That's what happens.

Q: What about Cheeseburgers in Paradise?ML:

He doesn't eat that stuff. He's met with the dietician enough. He knows what to eat. He's been given a checklist of what to eat, something he can relate to.

Q: Thoughts on thin air in Denver:ML:

I'm told that if you're running a marathon, then it's an issue. But it's been proven that in football games, because of the quickness of it, it's not as big a deal. But the fact that they're a great football team, and have been over the years a very good football team, I think is a big part of all that. But there are things to do that help you supposedly combat the altitude. Our guys were apprised of those things Monday night after the game in Indianapolis. We began to do that Monday yesterday and all the way thru. Those are things that are always a part of a plan and we've got to work and deal with it.

Q: Jay Cutler has started three straight games and the Broncos are 1-2:ML:

You're looking at what they're doing with him offensively. Every week, there's obviously a progression in the offense. This is a guy who they felt very good about, obviously, to make the move they did. And he's responded.

Q: Have they changed up their scheme from Jake Plummer?ML:

By now they're back to doing what they'd like to do.

Q: How do you stop the Broncos? ML:

You can't allow them to make the big explosive runs. The play-action pass game comes off that, whether it is play action, boots, waggles. The vertical routes that they stem and move you off of those all come off that, or the screen game. So it ties pretty well together. So they're back running some of the spread formations they like to do. There's a progression that they seem like, and they've gone through it with him as the quarterback to where they're back running where they were four weeks ago.

Q: Thoughts on Denver's speed on defense:ML:

They play very fast, as Carson told you. Their linebacker corps is very fast and they play physical when they get there. They play well together in the back end. Their defensive line has guys a lot of us are familiar with, because most of them played at Cleveland. They're good athletic guys and they're playing hard. They play well together on defense. They're 11 guys playing well together, and I think that's a lot of the secret of their success. They take their responsibility and they go play it out.

Q: Thoughts on Champ Bailey vs. Chad Johnson:ML:

Again, it's 11 guys out there, and Champ's a good player.
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