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Marvin Lewis Press Conference


Injury report:ML:
We'll probably go into the week with Eric Ghiaciuc listed as questionable. Other than that, we will have Bobbie Williams back, Kelley Washington back, and Deltha O'Neal back. So we'll have some other guys back and available.

Q: What about Levi Jones?ML:

Levi and Richie Braham will probably be questionable still at this point. And John Thornton should be probable.

Q: Regarding Ben Wilkerson playing for the first time ... that's not the easiest defense for a guy to face in his first game:ML:

Obviously, it's a little tougher. They give a lot of different looks. For a guy getting his first playing time in the NFL, there was a lot going on. But anyway, we were able to do fine enough to win the football game, and that's what counts.

Q: How satisfying is it to beat the Ravens at their style of football?ML:

I don't really know what their style of football is. All I know is our style, and what we feel like we need to do is be physical and make plays when we need to. We didn't play well enough on third down on offense. We played okay on defense. But we've still got to keep working at those areas in order to improve as a team.

Q: You emphasized tackling during the week. Are you satisfied with how your guys tackled?ML:

We missed a few too many tackles. We've got to still tackle better. There's some yards that were made after catches, there was a tackle missed in the running game. Those kinds of things you don't want to have happen. There was a big run with the quarterback on the scramble that we can't do too much about in that particular defense. But we've just got to keep playing better.

Q: Is there any concern about a letdown against the Raiders?ML:

There shouldn't be a letdown. We've just got to keep playing. If I was worried about that, I would have worried about us looking past Cleveland to play Baltimore, and I don't think that occurred, either. Every time you go out there, you've got an opportunity to lose a game if you don't play well enough. That's the way it's supposed to be.

Q: Thoughts on backup guys getting playing time lately:ML:

I think it's just important that when guys have an opportunity to play, they play well. And make sure you take care of your job and what you've got to do first and go from there. And I think that's important.

Q: After Dexter Jackson made those comments following the San Diego game, things seem to have come together. Do you think that had an effect?ML:

I think what Dexter said was good when he said to first look at yourself. Then you move forward. That's what happens when you hit the low point. You've got to start somewhere. You go all the way down, as low as you can get, and you've got to start building back up.

Q: Have you noticed any change in dedication, studying, communication or anything else?ML:

Not that I would ever tell you here. 

Q: Thoughts on the three safeties (Williams, Jackson, Kaesviharn) who have been playing so well:ML:

They each have done certain things really well this season, and we've been able to play upon those certain abilities. That's a good thing for us. Kevin Kaesviharn, in the absence of guys through injury, has proven he deserved the right to play more football. We don't want to pull the rug from underneath him for the good things he's been doing. He's earned an opportunity to be out there more and we want to keep going that way. 

Q: Kaesviharn and Madieu Williams give you flexibility to play all three at once if you deem it necessary:ML:

Sometimes we do.

Q: Has the defensive play the last two games been gratifying, or do you look at things that can still be improved on?ML:

Every time you go out there, you have things you do well and things you do badly. I'm glad for all of the criticism that was being leveled on them, and earlier on the offense. There is always going to be something. One week it's special teams. It's what being a part of a team and family is all about. We're going to keep playing, push harder, coach harder, coach better, play better and try to never have those extremes that you guys go through, the ups and downs.

Q: Sam Adams seems to be more disruptive the last few weeks:ML:

Let's just keep playing. I think Sam has been contributing more to what is going on, and that's a good thing. I thought Domata (Peko) came in and filled in for John Thornton and did a good job. We just keep playing.

Q: Is it gratifying to have players step up all over the place and expand their roles?ML:

I think some of the younger guys that weren't getting the opportunity to play on offense or defense earlier in the year, are getting those opportunities now, by hook or by crook, through injuries and so forth. Reggie McNeal last night got an opportunity to go in and play receiver, so you're getting some snaps and some experience that is so much larger than the practice field, and so much larger than the preseason. Ethan Kilmer continues to make plays. Glenn Holt made some plays last night in the kicking game as well, so I think you're right in saying that. 
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