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Marvin Lewis Press Conference


Injury report:ML:
The guys that will be out are: Rich Braham, Levi Jones, Kelley Washington and Anthony Wright. These two guys would be questionable right now -- Rashad Jeanty and Antonio Chatman. Everybody else probably has an opportunity to play.

Q: How did Peter Warrick's workout go, and will you sign him?ML:

The workout was fine. But we didn't bring Peter in to necessarily sign him this week.

Q: What about Chris Henry? Do you expect him to play this week?ML:

We'll make a decision on Sunday. I'll make that come Sunday.

Q: Has he been placed on the 53-man roster?ML:

No, he hasn't.

Q: Will he practice today?ML:

Yes, he's allowed to practice today.

Q: Chad Johnson was more talkative today:ML:

I told you guys you were going to eat it all up. He hooked you right in.

Q: You asked him to tone things down a little bit, right?ML:

I told him to do his job.

Q: Chad said it's good for the team. Do you agree?ML:

Doing his job? Yes, that is. That would be for the good of the team.

Q: For him to be so outlandish and vocal:ML:

Well, I've kind of failed at the medical degree. So maybe I can go into those other doctoral fields and try to figure him out that way.

Q: He said he's in an emotional slump:ML:

My gosh. Sounds like an excuse (laughs).

Q: If Michael Vick brings such an added dimension, why is the NFL such a pocket-passer league?ML:

Investment and injury. You risk injury to these guys the more they're outside of that pocket. You try to protect that asset. That guy's eating up 10 percent or more of your salary cap, so you're trying to protect him as much as you can.

Q: More on Vick and running QBs:ML:

He's a great weapon, but he's been injured. He's missed over a year and a half of his career. That's the thing. You try to protect that asset, and that's important. His thing didn't necessarily come running, but you're more apt to injury running. Those things are important over time. These guys get worn down when they do get hit and battered a little bit. He's obviously changing the mold. He's so dynamic, and he's got such a strong arm in the delivery of the ball. He is taking this as a challenge, and he's doing well. His won-lost record is excellent in games he starts and plays. He's doing well.

Q: Because he's so different, does he force defenses to be different?ML:

No question. And they've added an option element, like you're playing an option team. They're very good. They've done a nice job of complementing his skills around their players and adding things in their offense that put the ball in his hands more often. It makes a big difference come Sunday.

Q: To defend him, would you prefer he runs or throws?ML:

That's my business. You're not going to put me out there like that. He can do either one. He proved it last week.

Q: Could Donovan McNabb have been Michael Vick?ML:

Well, it depends on the offensive scheme. Donovan McNabb was put into a little different offensive scheme for Andy Reid there. And so they do a few different things. But Donovan is still a very effective guy when he takes off outside the pocket. He still makes a lot of plays. Athletically, they're similar. Steve Young was the same way. Steve Young made a lot of plays outside the pocket and, until Michael Vick, was one of the most effective rushing quarterbacks that there has been recently in the NFL, and yet obviously a very, very fine passer.

Q: Is it more difficult to defend him because you don't play him every year? ML:

It does make it a little more difficult. I think that's a good thing, that we don't play them every year. But it's going to be a fun, exciting challenge. I'm excited about it. Our guys are excited about it. He's one of the most dynamic players in the NFL right now. They build the rest of their team around him, and this is a great football team coming in here.

Q: Are his option rushes by design or scramble?ML:

There are a lot of them. Most of them are by design. But he does pull the ball down when he's back there throwing it, and he gets pressured or the receiver's covered. His third option is probably running the football. That's a pretty good option.

Q: How would you rate Alge Crumpler? Is he like any tight ends in this division?ML:

He's probably a little stronger man. I think he's a great runner with the football. He's a fine receiver, but he can really run with the football. He's kind of like a John Mackey-type of guy. He's very good.

Q: Is there any energy left over from last week? Is this another opportunity to channel that energy, that emotion?ML:

Again, you've got a team coming in here that we knew was tough when the schedule came out. Their division is much like ours. It's always very close, very physical, very tough, good teams. They all play good defense. If you look at those NFL stats on defense, it's all the AFC teams, and the Bears and this team in this division. That's the way they are because they all play good defense all the time. That's the excitement and the challenge. We know the effectiveness of their football team in all areas: offense, defense, excellent special teams, great returner in Allen Rossum, and a lot of different gadgets in special teams. So it puts everybody, all of us, on alert. And it's a great challenge for us.

Q: It seems like their special teams are at the top of every category:ML:

They do well. Joe (DeCamillis) has done a fine job of coaching them down there. The guys bought in and they've had the same group of guys doing it, and they keep playing.
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