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Marvin Lewis Press Conference


Opening comments: ML:
The first thing in order are the guys who didn't practice today. They were T.J. Houshmandzadeh, Willie Anderson, Landon Johnson, Deltha O'Neal and Glenn Holt. Otherwise we are at full strength. We enter the week a little healthier than we've been in a little bit.

As we look forward to the Titans, they played on Monday night. They dug a little hole for themselves and worked their way back out of it, and got back in the football game. I thought Vince Young did not panic, kept them going in the game, even though some balls went off some guys' hands. He didn't flinch, just kept playing. Defensively, they continue to play pretty steady. Denver had a catch-and-run for the touchdown early in the game to Brandon Stokley. But they settled down and played until they had the explosive run there. For the most part, they played steady defense, they do a good job of pressuring the quarterback and make a lot of plays on the football down the field.

Q: Can you compare Vince Young to any other quarterback?ML:

 No, he's Vince Young, he's a pretty special guy. He has been accurate as a passer, and he had probably his best game Monday night that he has had as a passer in the NFL. He was able to come out early and make some throws, and there towards the end, he did a good job of moving the football, the one-minute drive before halftime, even with the dropped balls. He's dangerous. He's going to make some first downs by pulling the ball down and running when the targets are covered. We have to do a good job of eliminating those, so those don't become bigger plays than just a first down, so that a five or six-yard gain doesn't become 25 or 30, because he has the ability to do that.

Q: What do they miss without Albert Haynesworth?ML:

Albert is a big, disruptive force inside, and he's playing very well. They have a lot of picks up there. They've invested in that defensive line, and guys are playing well. Obviously, a player of his caliber you miss. But the other guys have picked up the slack and are doing a good job. They've used six, seven guys, eight guys, rotating through there. For the most part, those guys have played together for a while.

Q: Are you getting closer to a resolution in the Chris Perry situation?ML:

No, we don't have to make a resolution until next week, so we'll wait 

until then.

Q: How has he been?ML:

He's ramping up, it's just a matter of whether we feel that he's at the point physically where he can play NFL football day-in and day-out. Chris has worked very, very hard and spends just about all day, every day here. It's not lack of effort on his part. We have to make a determination and will next week.

Q: What are you thankful for?ML:

I'm thankful for a lot of things. I'm thankful for the guys and their effort and how they're doing things the right way. We haven't had a lot of things bounce our way, but we have to keep doing it correctly and more often. They have a great spirit about them. They work very, very hard. And they work well together. I think they understand and are disappointed, but also understand that through the disappointment, you've got to keep working. You can't allow doubt to creep in. You have to keep pushing and figure out why it isn't the way it should be and make that correction. Do it faster, a little better. 

Thanksgiving being tomorrow, it's good for them to get their families in town. We'll get out of here a little earlier tomorrow. They'll enjoy their families. It's good for them. It's good for the football team right now. There are a lot of people who care about them. And so they get a chance to enjoy that this weekend, and let's go beat the Titans in front of their families.

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