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Marvin Lewis Press Conference

Opening comments: ML:

On the injury front, we seem to be in decent shape. We'll see where Chad (Ocho Cinco) is, and also Levi Jones. Levi is probably doubtful, but Chad would be the only one that we'll see how he goes. He did not practice yesterday. And really didn't compete much in practice today other than rehab. But we got a little extra time with the work yesterday and today and we'll have tomorrow off, which is good. Everybody else seems to be in pretty good shape.

Q: What did you think from Carson (Palmer) yesterday in practice?ML:

I thought he did fine. He looked good. He felt a little rusty as far as footwork and things like that. It was the first time he had to react and throw into the holes like you do in a real game. He felt good about it. And it was exciting for him to do.

Q: Would weather play a part in Carson's participation in practice today? ML:

We'll see. I know he was concerned about not throwing any heavy balls (due to rain). We'll see. If it quits raining, he'll practice again today. If it doesn't, then he won't and he'll throw on Friday. But he felt good about it.

Q: Are you going to make a move with Stacy Andrews?ML:

There's really no move we need to make because the person you would sign is probably not going to get to 45 (active players) for Sunday. So there's really nothing to do.

Q: Is it safe to say Herman Edwards is your closest friend in the NFL?ML:

I don't know, but  Herm has been a very good friend for a while, and our wives and families, too. He's got a great perspective on things with his background as a player and with coming up through the ranks there in Kansas City, both coaching and scouting with the Chiefs. So he's got a great perspective on the league. And, he's really been a great resource and somebody I've spent a lot of time with. He holds the NFL, and the privilege of playing and coaching in the NFL, in high regard. So I think when you're around him, he has that aura about him, which is outstanding. He has a real appreciation for what he's had an opportunity to do. The way he carries himself all the time as a person and a man is exceptional.

Do you empathize with him (Herm Edwards) a little bit?

He and I talked in Mobile last year when we were sitting in the stands (at the Senior Bowl practices). And then I received a phone call from somebody who was seeing us on TV (laughs). Herm talked at that point that he felt they really needed to find a way to get a younger football team together for this season. That was going to be one of their goals as an organization. It's difficult. They had been a successful team, always on the brink of moving on in the playoffs, and being able to enjoy the playoffs, and so you hang onto some of your older, mature players a little longer, because of that. The fans have an affection for them, and so everybody thinks, `Because he's here this year, he should be here next year and the year after that and the year after that,' and then you look up and see they can't do the same things anymore. That gets to be an issue, because people they're competing with are at a different speed.

So I know they felt the need to make some of those kind of moves. And then what we've been through, it looks like they did, too. You lose your quarterback like that, so you're playing with people you didn't expect to, and I think that compounds the issue a little bit. They've done a great job defensively this year. Gunther (defensive coordinator Gunther Cunningham) has stuck to his guns, and they're getting turnovers and takeaways, keeping them in football games, and lately they've been very explosive on offense. They've moved the ball.

Their quarterback runs the ball, which presents a little bit of a problem. Obviously, in Tony Gonzalez, they've got one of the best tight ends to ever play this game, and a real football player. And then Dwayne Bowe on the outside, they've done a nice job with him, and he's progressing in his second season. This is a group with big guys on the outside; Larry Johnson carrying the ball; Jamaal Charles, the rookie running back, has great speed. So they got some weapons on offense. And as I said, defensively they've done a nice job of taking away the football and keeping themselves in games.

Q: Do you think you guys are younger and better now than you were when you and Herm talked?ML:

Well, it's hard for me to say that now, because we're not only younger, but we're not playing some of the young guys we expected to be playing with. So I can't tell you that. That's really not my concern right now. I'm concerned about the Chiefs.

Q: You will meet with Mike (Brown) on Monday, right?ML:

I meet with Mike every day.
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