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Marvin Lewis News Conference Transcript

Marvin Lewis News Conference
Paul Brown Stadium
September 1, 2014

Initial comments...
    "We get to work today with the football team that is pretty close to where we'll be, personnel-wise. The final reduction of the rosters is always an interesting time. We were fortunate to get most of the (released) guys we wanted back to the practice squad. I feel there are some guys on our practice squad who can contribute and will contribute at some point in the season on our 53-man roster, more importantly our 46-man roster."

You have a history of that...
    "Yeah. For the veteran player that's released there is a disappointment, but then hopefully the satisfaction that you are back. Maybe you're not one of the 53 due to injuries and numbers and so forth, but you are a guy that we feel pretty good about."

Sean Porter made it even though he's been hurt. Did he show you that much when he's been on the field, or is it about his potential?
    "Oh, that's always a combination of both things. With Sean, I think the combination of the time he's had in practice, and the vision we had for him from the beginning … we've got to give him every opportunity. He's had some injuries that are difficult to overcome. It's not due to a lack of anything, it's just part of playing football."

People were kind of looking past T.J. Johnson...
    "He's kind of a nut-and-bolt guy. He keeps his head down, just goes about his task. Last year I thought he did a great job on the practice squad and working hard every day. He showed promise and potential. He picked up basically where he left off throughout the spring and onto training camp. Again, it's an opportunity to play in these preseason games that gives you an opportunity to prove you belong to stay, and I think he took full advantage of the opportunity."

He had an ankle injury at Arizona and he comes back to play on a short week, so he's obviously a tough guy...
    "Yeah, he got his ankle rolled up on. It wasn't nearly as severe as we first thought when they first went onto the field, which is the good thing that comes out of that."

Devon Still and Trevor Robinson took the two new spots on the practice squad for guys with more experience ...
    "Both players could have made it. Literally day in and day out, it was the other way around, at a couple of different places. So we have two good quality guys who at some point will be on the 53-man roster, almost undoubtedly. We're fortunate enough to have them here right now as reserves for us and an opportunity for them to continue to move forward."

Offensive and defensive lines get nicked up a lot, so is it good to keep depth at those positions?
    "Yeah, it is. Obviously it gives you an opportunity to have somebody in the fold who knows what to do and can be ready to play in a quick period of time."

How much of final cuts is body of work and how much is a process through camp?
    "I think it's got to be body of work, it's got to be about projection and then it's got to be about what they've actually done in comparison. You're trying to weigh all of the factors together. How that player makes it to the Sunday roster is really important. Is there light at the end of the tunnel? It obviously goes in with whether you're keeping a young player or a veteran player. Is the guy going to be playing on Sundays for us?"

It seems that everybody puts a lot of value on the time on task that's been spent in their system and organization, so there has to be a major upgrade to grab a player from a different team that was waived...
    "People feel that unless you're at the top of the claiming order, you are better off passing. There were maybe 26 players claimed yesterday, and we've been fortunate in the past to find guys that way, but at this point we chose to move forward where we are. We'll continue to look at players over the next week, and as we move forward as we always do. There are some guys we'll have for visits in this week as well."

What do you like about the one new guy, Kevin Greene?
    "Kevin is a young guy with excellent athleticism, upside and strength. He's a 255-pound man who can really run. He displays strong hands, and is an impressive kind of young prospect for us at a position where we seem to continue to find guys. So that's a good thing."

In today's NFL there are so many guys and so much depth that you can make the 53-man roster, but you better not exhale all the air, because you might be gone right? You're always looking...
    "The next day's coming, so you have to stay after it, continue to work at it and continue to gain value. Sometimes it's unfortunate. It's now always the player's actual fault. There's different things that weigh into the comings and goings of the players."

Wallace Gilberry has gained value and increased his role since coming to you guys...
    "Wallace seized the opportunity. That's what's most important. I think he sees the light at the end of the tunnel, and he's not going to let somebody pass him up. He really has done an excellent job of putting on display that he's the player that deserves to go out there first. We're going to rotate guys and roll guys through, but in Wallace's mind he wants to be the guy goes out there first, and I have to take my hat off to him for doing that. He's displayed that. He's stayed out on the practice field when he's had some nicks, because he wants to be out there."

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