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Lewis says Eifert may not return this season


Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis said Monday that there's a chance tight end Tyler Eifert may not return this season from the dislocated elbow he suffered in the first quarter of the year in Baltimore.

Eifert is on the injured reserve-recall list and has been catching balls at times in rehab. But Lewis said he didn't want to issue an update until Eifert is closer to 100 percent healthy. It sounds like if he does return he won't be back until December at the earliest.

It was a tough Friday for Lewis after a tougher Thursday night. He watched tape of the 24-3 loss to Cleveland until 3 a.m., stayed at Paul Brown Stadium to nap, and was back at it at 5 a.m.

But he hoped his players got some rest. They've got the weekend off after the short week before returning Monday to prepare for the Nov. 16 game in New Orleans.

"They went to sleep. They needed to get their rest and put it behind them," Lewis said. "We've got to challenge every position to get better. We've got to challenge within the groups. We've got to challenge offense, defense and special teams to play better, because it was disappointing it was here at home, we hadn't had that. And that was disappointing for our fans. It was an awesome night for our city, and four our fans, and we didn't play well enough for them."

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