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Kirkpatrick Gives Back To His High School

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Cincinnati Bengals defensive back Dre Kirkpatrick (27) looks on during an NFL football game against the Miami Dolphins on Sunday, Oct. 7, 2018 in Cincinnati. (NFL Photos via AP)

In high school Dre Kirkpatrick was known for his takeaways playing football and basketball.

However in 2019, Kirkpatrick was the one giving back.

Kirkpatrick last Friday donated $4,500 for the Gadsden City High School locker room renovations via his foundation. The Dre Kirkpatrick 21 Kids Foundation was established in 2013 offering opportunities and resources for area youth through education and mentor programs.

"This foundation works to find ways to put some hustle in kids and encourage them to become educators, firefighters or police officers. And nobody wants to be that anymore," Kirkpatrick told the Gadsen Times. "We want to show the youth that it's cool to be a firefighter, a teacher, a mail carrier or a police officer and live a good life."

Earlier in the day Kirkpatrick received the Impact Award given by The Etowah-Gadsden Chamber of Commerce thanks to his personal investment and positive impact on his hometown and its future. 

The Bengals selected Alabama cornerback Dre Kirkpatrick with their 17th overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft. Thus far, Kirkpatrick has given back to his alma mater every year he has played in the NFL.

Gadsden City High School is a public high school, located in Gadsden, Alabama educating 1,500 students in grades nine through 12.

"Eventually I want to reach out to all the sports offered at Gadsden City," Kirkpatrick said. "Anything I can do to help my school, my community where I come from and my foundation, I'm going to do it and be all in."

Bengals cornerback Dre Kirkpatrick donated $4,500 for the Gadsden City High School locker room renovations via his foundation.

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