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Jones: No comment

Posted: 7:05 p.m.



Bengals left tackle Levi Jones has no comment and has yet to read or see the remarks in which Dolphins linebacker Joey Porter apologized for what Jones called a "cowardly assault" last month at a Las Vegas casino.

And Kenny Zuckerman, Jones' agent, said his client has yet to decide if he'll pursue a civil suit.

"I don't mind calling him. If he truly believes, if he feels like I was wrong, I'm sorry," Porter said Wednesday according to "I can apologize. I am reaching out now.

"I wish it never would have happened. I don't know how Levi feels, but the faster we can get this behind us, [the better]."

Jones made it clear how he felt last month when he told in a March 28 story how the incident in which Porter was charged with misdemeanor unfolded.

"A cowardly assault by a coward," Jones said during a break in his workout at Arizona State. "One versus seven, six from behind. The police report came out and told the truth. Joey Porter did not kick Levi Jones's ass.

"Basically what he did was walk up to me, get my attention talking trash while his boys jumped me from behind. They plotted the thing. He was shooting craps. I was playing blackjack. He saw me, there was no exchange before he just came up on me."

Jones also had an estimated $40,000 worth of jewelry stolen, but two chains were anonymously returned to the casino.

A casino video cited in a police report said Jones was attacked by several unidentified males, as well as punched in the face by Porter.

On Wednesday, Porter didn't refute Jones' take.

"This only validates what Levi has been saying," Zuckerman said. "I think what he wants to do now is take a deep breath, sit back and think about how he wants to proceed."

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