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Jonathan Luigs Conference Call Transcript

JONATHAN LUIGS (Center, Arkansas)

Q: Did you see yourself going to the Cincinnati Bengals?JL: I knew it was a possibility after having an interview with the team at the Combine and Coach (Paul) Alexander came down for my Pro Day. I knew it was a possibility I could go (to Cincinnati). It's a dream come true for me.

Q: Why is coming to Cincinnati a dream come true?JL: To play in the NFL has been a dream of mine. Having the opportunity to play for such a good organization is an exciting time in my life.

Q: Are you aware that it should be an open competition for the center position at this point?JL: I know they have good players there with experience. I am coming up there with an open mind trying to make the team and ultimately earn a starting spot.

Q: How frustrating was your senior season in which you endured a coaching change after winning the 2007 Rimington Award as college football's top center as a junior?JL: It was tough. It's not something I wanted to spend my senior year doing -- going through a transition year. At the same time, I learned a lot from Coach (Bobby) Petrino and his staff. It helped me expand my knowledge of football with his offense. It helped me to become a better player.

Q: After who do you pattern your game?JL: It's a combination of guys. I like watching (Tennessee Titans center) Kevin Mawae's nastiness. I like how Jeff Saturday plays the game with his head and knows how to use angles to his advantage. I like to look at all of the great NFL centers and take bits and pieces from each one of them.

Q: Explain how you feel having to see other centers taken before you and waiting until the fourth round to receive the news you are a Cincinnati Bengal:JL: It's tough. At the same time those taken before me are good ballplayers. I had a chance to spend time with some of them at the Senior Bowl and Combine. I was able to develop some relationships. I was glad to see them go and get the opportunity, but I'm glad it all has worked out for me to come to Cincinnati.

Q: As a member of the South Team, did you have a chance to interact with the Bengals' staff, which was coaching the North at the Senior Bowl?JL: Yes, I did. One night during the week of the Senior Bowl, the South team spent time with the North coaching staff and vice versa. I had a chance to talk to Coach Lewis and Coach Alexander while I was there. They are great guys. My college coach Mike Summers knows Coach Alexander well. He told me he's a good guy and a friend of his. I am looking forward to working with him.

Q: What will be the biggest adjustment for you as you move to the NFL?JL: If you look at the AFC North Division and the talent level in the NFL, there are grown men playing. I hope the SEC prepared me for what it could. I am looking forward to competing and playing the game of football.

Q: Discuss the adjustment you must make in coming into the AFC North Division and playing against the 3-4 defense and having someone line up across from you every play:JL: That's going to be an adjustment. I played against a good defensive tackle and a big guy, from the Alabama in (Terrance) Cody. The defensive tackles and nose guards in AFC North are going to be better than him. I'm anxious to come and learn from Coach Alexander and become a better football player.

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