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Issues pending

Updated: 3-14-08, 11:30 a.m.

The Bengals have some things on their plate as the week nears an end with what are believed to be offers on the table to a couple of pass catchers. One of their own in wide receiver Tab Perry and one in Colts tight end Ben Utecht.

And with old friend Takeo Spikes beginning to make some visits, they may decide whether or not to inquire abut their former No. 1 pick.

On Friday the Bengals confirmed the one-year deal for former Cardinals linebacker Darryl Blackstock.

The Bengals have been talking to the agents for Perry and Utecht virtually since free agency began two weeks ago. Perry and Utecht have also been talking to other teams, with Miami and Green Bay looking to be the most interested in Perry and the Jets courting Utecht.

The New York Daily News suggested Friday morning that the Jets appear to be cooling their interest.

Spikes' visit to San Francisco on Thursday comes as the Bengals mull a linebacker corps that has precious few NFL starts. His two strikes are his age of 31 and his release from the Eagles after reports said he failed a physical. His selling points are his experience and passion.

Spikes and his agent, Todd France, haven't been reached for comment.

The Bengals wouldn't be ready to drop a big deal on him and their priority right now seems to be trying to get something done with Utecht. Since he's a restricted free agent, the Colts have the right to match within a week he signs an offer sheet.

Chris Murray, Utecht's agent, said as of Thursday night no deal had been finalized.

Last week head coach Marvin Lewis didn't rule out making another run at Jets defensive tackle Dewayne Robertson, rapidly becoming one of the bigger puzzles on the trading block. NFL Network has reported that two teams said the condition of Robertson's knee would take him off this year's draft board. Yet, he has missed only three games in five seasons.

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