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Houston on the mind


 Randy Bullock also has his mind on his hometown.

The Bengals list six players from Houston and its environs and there are others who went to college there or live there now and it is hard for them to watch the devastation pouring out of their phones and TVs.

"You feel a little bit vulnerable when your family is back there and you're trying to stay in touch," said kicker Randy Bullock before Tuesday's walk-through. "And you still have to do your job and win a job."

Bullock's mother has evacuated her home in Klein, which is known to have overflowing creeks in not even catastrophic hurricanes, so she is now at his home north of the city and checking in with neighbors to see if her home is still dry.  Safety George Iloka's mother, a nurse, has stayed at her hospital for the last few days. Quarterback Andy Dalton discovered shortly before Tuesday's walk-through he has cousins stranded waiting to be rescued from their second floor.

Dalton, who grew up in the suburb of Katy and now lives in Dallas, also has an uncle whose home is flooded and has a car under water.

"That's tough because he's going to lose some things, like things that belonged to my grandparents," Dalton said. "But everyone is safe and that's what matters.

"My immediate family is good. They've got water on the street but none got in their house."

Dalton has been heartened by the stories of the massive help the city is getting, but the images are still tough to view.

 "There are a lot of people in need down there, and there are a lot of people that are helping," Dalton said. "I think that's one of the best thing's you'll see so far, how many people are willing to help and to help everybody that's out there.

"You see places where I grew up, that are covered in water. It's hard to see the freeways covered. You see stop signs, street lights that have water covering them. It's definitely tough to see."


Cincinnati Bengals take on the Washington Redskins in week 3 of the preseason.

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