Henry resolves gun charge

Updated: 4 p.m.



Bengals wide receiver Chris Henry pleaded guilty Tuesday to possession of a concealed firearm in Orlando, Fla., and after serving a day in the Orange County Jail it looks like he may not face an NFL suspension in the gray area of league policy. But if he violates any of the terms of the probation, he'll go to jail.

Since the NFL treats alcohol and drug matters differently than personal conduct, the weapons plea isn't treated in the same category as the guilty plea he had earlier this year for marijuana possession.

According to papers from the Ninth Judicial Circuit in Orange County, Henry has been sentenced to a two-year probation period in which he can't consume alcohol while completing 10 hours per month of community service adding up to 100 hours. He may travel to games, but must first get approval.

The official sentenciong is adjudication of the third-degree felony, which means if he completes the probabtion the guilty plea will be expunged from his record.

When asked if the club had a response to Tuesday's events in Orlando, Bengals public relations director Jack Brennan said, "The Bengals respect the decision of the court. Chris has admitted his mistake and has pledged his resolve to learn from it."

Henry, 23, arrested four times since Dec. 15, was booked on three felonies after waving a Luger at a group of people in a late-night incident in Orlando. He was later charged with one possession of a concealed firearm.

There is gray area because of the NFL's two different policies governing drug and alcohol and player conduct. The player conduct policy says if a player admits guilt to two criminal violations, he'll be suspended without pay. If he admits guilt in a pending DUI case, set to be heard Oct. 19, in Clermont County, he's likely looking at what has traditionally been a fine

According to an Associated Press story, Henry said outside the court, "I'd like to say I know I made a mistake, but I'm just trying to, you know what I'm saying, turn all of this into a positive. I just want to get back to playing football. It's what I do."

Henry started last Sunday in place of injured T.J. Houshmandzadeh and had one catch for minus-five yards.

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