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Henry eyes redemption

Posted: 11:50 p.m.

Back in the Bengals locker room again, Chris Henry talked to Geoff Hobson of about not letting down his family and teammates Tuesday, his first day of his second stint with the team.

GH: What have the last four months been like? CH:
It's been rough. Not being around football, that's been rough.

GH: What do you say to fans and to teammates? CH:
I'm the type of guy that doesn't say a lot. To the fans, hopefully they welcome me back, give me the opportunity to prove that I deserve to be here. To my teammates, pretty much the same thing.



GH: Marvin Frazier (one of Henry's reps), says you've turned over a new leaf. What do you have to do to get your life back? CH:
I've been like that, actually, doing everything I'm supposed to do since my last suspension. Carrying myself like a professional. It was unfortunate that little situation happened. It set me back.

GH: You're talking about the assault charge that was dropped. Do you think you can turn it around here? Do you think you're a marked man? Can it work in this community? CH:
I'll be fine. I was thinking that at one point. I have to surround myself with my teammates. I don't need to be around just anyone out partying and having a good time all the time. Just focus on football and if it's not with my teammates, it's with my family (girlfriend and two children). That's just how I'm going to carry myself. I can't afford getting caught up in something.

GH: Were you bitter about the case that got dropped because it got you released and suspended? CH:
I was just mad I had to go through that. It's crazy how someone can just press charges on you.

GH: But it shows what could be in front of you. Maybe it could happen again. CH:
What I have to do is be with my family or be around my teammates.

GH: Did you have any other offers? CH:
Cincinnati was the only team to offer me a deal.

GH: That surprise you? CH:
Yeah, kind of surprising. I wasn't expecting that call yesterday (Monday). I thought I was going to be somewhere else to tell you the truth. I was kind of happy I'm back here.

GH: Baltimore talking to you? CH:
It was an option.

GH: What was that meeting like at Georgetown with Coach Lewis? He doesn't seem too sure about this. CH:
He just wanted to talk to me to see where I was in my life, period. How I was doing. How I was going about everything. He's always been supportive.

GH: Is he the guy you have to sell? CH:
Everybody. Everybody.

GH: Is this your last shot? CH:
Definitely this is my last shot. I'm not stressed about anything.

GH: People are saying you don't have any money. That you're broke. That has to be incentive for you. CH:
I'm cool. We don't have to get into that. I've heard a lot of talk about all of that. People don't really know what's going on.

GH: What is the reaction you've gotten from fans lately? CH:
In town, going to the grocery store, going wherever, I think I've been getting a lot of love from all the fans. A lot of support. They were happy to hear there was a chance of me coming back.

GH: Mike Brown seems to be the guy that is really behind you. CH:
He's always been like that for me. He's always been willing to help. He always wants me to succeed. He's really been behind me. I plan on not letting him down and letting my teammates down.

GH: How did your teammates greet you? CH:
I get along with everybody. There were just smiles and it seemed like everybody was excited.

GH: What did Carson say to you? CH:
He welcomed me back. He said he was happy to see me back, and that he was ready to get back to work.

GH: I guess you're here to run the '9' route. CH:
I'm going to do a lot more than that.

GH: Like what? CH:

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