Heads up for Warrick

3-23-01, 4:25 p.m.


Peter Warrick has a bandanna for every color. Especially orange and black, the ones he wears during Bengals' games.

So he's one of the many players who are bewildered by the possibility the NFL owners next week could vote to outlaw bandannas, do-rags and anything else players put on their heads. Except for cold weather gear.

"They're trying to make us all look the same," said Warrick, the Bengals' stylish receiver. "Everybody's socks have to be the same height. The same color. You can't show this, you can't show that."

It seems the league has tied the wearing of such items to sportsmanship and taunting issues. Which doesn't make much sense to Warrick.

"They're taking away my forte," Warrick said. "I mean, why are they doing it? That's me. It's got nothing to do with football. What does that have to do with sportsmanship? It doesn't take anything away from the game. Man, just go out and play."

Warrick almost always wears a bandanna on and off the field. He was most likely wearing one Friday and he probably didn't offend anyone. In fact, he was hosting a two-day camp at his old youth center in Bradenton, Fla.

"There's a cookout today and then tomorrow there'll be games all day," Warrick said. "Football. Baseball. Basketball. Almost any game they want."

The event, a product of the Peter Warrick Foundation, figures to host about 400 children.

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