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Hall: right (Achilles) on target


The monthly annual Leon Hall update is in and he continues to be upbeat about repeating 2012's near miracle when he was ready for the first  day of training camp 256 days after he tore his left Achilles.

With the help of the man that orchestrated the last comeback, Bengals director of rehab Nick Cosgray, it looks like he'll be ready to go about 280 days after tearing his right Achilles.

"Probably a couple of months ago I realized that my right one was ahead just kind of comparing what I was doing at a certain point in the rehab with my other one a couple years ago," Hall said Monday. "We were probably a couple of weeks ahead, which after talking it over with Nick we slowed down a little bit because we felt like there's really no rush. I hurt my right one earlier in the season so technically I have three more weeks of time, so we're trying to utilize the extra three weeks and just make sure that everything is going smoothly. " …

It will be recalled that in 2007 the Bengals took  Hall at No. 18, four spots after Corner of the Decade Darrelle Revis went to the Jets. Hall may not be quite Revis Island, but the Hall of Reliability has Pro Bowl respect around the league without the fanfare and self-congratulations.

How many times do you hear a guy say, "I feel like I got drafted when I should have got drafted."?

 Hall is just not a hype guy. Which is why he didn't go to New York for the draft.

"It's really not for me, the whole deal. New York, the whole lights. The whole deal," Hall said. "I decided to stay home. I rented a little room for family and close friends, we kind of just hung out all day. It was fun." …

 With Zac Robinson waived injured last week, the Bengals are down to three quarterbacks with Josh Johnson and Jason Campbell backing up Andy Dalton. So at least one will be added through the draft or college free agency.

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