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Green's big ten days

In the middle of what is turning into a whirlwind ten days, perennial Pro Bowl wide receiver A.J. Green sat down with the Hobson's Choice Podcast and grabbed a number of topics:

-After Sunday's game in Pittsburgh (1 p.m.-Cincinnati's Channel 12), he and wife Miranda head to the hospital Monday night with the hopes of delivering their first child. He expounds on why he'll be there no matter the day.

-Although he leads the NFL in receptions and yards, he doesn't keep up on his stats. Check out who he does follow and if he thinks Bengals all-time receiving leader Chad Johnson is Hall-of-Fame worthy.

-Green has a plan on how he wants to help the youth of his hometown of Summerville, S.C. It's also a way to honor the brother who never got to see him grow up.

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