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Goodell, Lewis to take questions from season tix holders

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is expected to provide an update on efforts to reach a new collective bargaining agreement when he gets on a lunch-time conference call Wednesday with Bengals season ticket holders.

Goodell plans to take questions for 30 minutes before head coach Marvin Lewis comes on to do the same for the remaining 30 minutes.

"The commissioner is going to talk about whatever questions people have and I certainly expect he'll give our season ticket holders an update on where things stand with the collective bargaining agreement," said Jeff Berding, the club's director of sales and public affairs. "We had an excellent draft that has people excited and Marvin can speak to that, as well as some changes on the coaching staff during the offseason."

Also Monday, the No. 14 jersey of rookie quarterback Andy Dalton (adult size) went on sale in the Bengals Pro Shop. 

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