Game of 'big boy pads'

Updated: 5:10 p.m.

Bengals defensive tackle John Thornton summed up Sunday's AFC North showdown with the first-place Steelers as adroitly as any pundit in drawing the difference between the two teams.

"We have to put on our big-boy pads," Thornton said Monday, the glow of Sunday's 38-31 win over the Jets already a glimmer. "Two different teams. We run No Huddle offense, they don't. We rely on turnovers defensively, they want to make you stop them. So we're going to have to put on our big boy pad this week and play big."



With wide receiver Chris Henry surfacing in the locker room Monday, indications from other cases around the NFL and his representative point to his return to practice as soon as Wednesday so that he'll have two weeks of practice before he plays off his eight-game suspension Nov. 11 in Baltimore. Henry can attend meetings during the suspension, but hasn't been able to practice or work out with the club.

"He's anxious to get back with his teammates and keep moving forward," Frazier said Monday.


Head coach Marvin Lewis said Henry has "a chance" to appear Wednesday, as does running back Chris Perry (ankle).


Lewis also said Monday that running back Rudi Johnson (hamstring) and middle linebacker Caleb Miller (back) have the best chance to return Sunday of the injured, but he said the same thing last week. Middle linebacker Ahmad Brooks (groin) is seen as the longest shot to return.


Right tackle Willie Anderson (knee) and strong safety Dexter Jackson (hip) came out of Sunday's game sore but are expected to be ready for Pittsburgh.

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