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Free agent glance

Posted: 8:30 p.m.

Head coach Marvin Lewis says one of his top offseason priorities is rushing the passer. But he hasn't said what his defense is. So here's a thumbnail look at some Front 7 players that go on the market Friday and could possibly be around when the dust and big money clears. Compiled from ratings on, CBS, and


Antwan Odom, Tennessee: The buzz is the Bengals are going to a 3-4, but at 6-5, 274 pounds, Odom could be more of a 4-3 end. It's all in the eye of the beholder, though. At just 26, Odom figures to get a lot of beans early.

Travis LaBoy, Tennessee: He's only 26, too, and coming off a six-sack season. At 260 pounds, he might be a 3-4 backer.

Renaldo Wynn, New Orleans: He fits the 3-4 specs, but he'll be an un-Bengal-like 34 years of age.

Bryan Robinson, Bengals: But here's a 34-year-old guy not to forget. He's been a 3-4 guy in the past and in his three seasons here were a tremendous influence on and off the field.


Anthony McFarland, Colts: Wouldn't it be tempting? But he's 30, didn't pass a physical according to reports, and is he a 3-4 guy?

Tim Anderson, Falcons: He's an Ohio State kid whose moxie the Bengals loved when he came out and he's just 27. But he's looking for his third team in five seasons. Yet he's big enough (6-3, 320) to play nose in a 3-4.

Spencer Johnson, Vikings: At 6-3, 286—like 6-3, 290 Ellis Wyms, 29, of Seattle—he'd have to play end if it's a 3-4. Wyms did have two sacks last season, tying the Bengals interior leader last season, John Thornton. Johnson had three and is only 26.

Randy Starks, Tennessee: He's only 24 and the Bengals liked him when he came out of Maryland. At 312 pounds, would he fit a 3-4?


Calvin Pace, Cardinals: Besides Lance Briggs, he could have the backers' biggest payday because of what he can do in the 3-4. Coming off a 6.5-sack season.

Clark Haggans, Steelers: He's 31, but he's got 32.5 career sacks and learned the 3-4 from the maestro, Dick LeBeau.

Reggie Torbor, Giants: He's fast and he's got the size at 250, but he's only got five career sacks.

Demorrio Williams, Falcons: Played for new Bengals defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer. He's also fast, but Landon Johnson is the same guy with more tackles. Are the Bengals done with 225-pound linebackers?

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