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A list of Bengals transactions as they cut to the 53-man roster in preparation for the Sept. 11 regular-season opener in Cleveland:

WAIVED: Rookie CB Patrick Body, second-year QB Casey Bramlet, second-year WR Jamall Broussard, rookie LB Derek Curry, first-year FB/TE Ronnie Ghent, rookie S Herana-Daze Jones, first-year OL Pete Lougheed, second-year DT Langston Moore, rookie WR Dante Ridgeway, fourth-year WR Cliff Russell, rookie K Carter Warley, first-year CB Brandon Williams, first-year RB Quincy Wilson.

NFL SUSPENSION: 10-year DE Duane Clemons (four weeks).

Physically Unable to Perform: second-year LB Caleb Miller (six weeks).

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