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Eric Ghiaciuc Conference Call Transcript

Bengals 2005 fourth-round draft pick Eric Ghiaciuc conducted a conference call with local Cincinnati media following his selection. The transcript follows:


Q: I guess you figured you'd be picked right around the fourth round? EG:

Q: Eric what do you bring to this club? They need centers; you seem to be their guy: EG:
"I hopefully will fit into the lineup this season, as long as I go out and do the things I need to do. I need to learn the offensive schemes. Hopefully I can contribute this year."

Q: Offensive line coach Paul Alexander thought the biggest thing you had to get use to was playing against the "big boys" of the NFL. What do you think you have to do to adjust to the league? EG:
"Come out every day and be ready to be competitive. You have to work hard every day. I think I can play there. I know I can play there. I don't think it's going to be that much different, maybe just adjusting some techniques."

Q: Alexander also mentioned how your background in wrestling has also helped your technique. What is comparable between football and wrestling? EG:
"Football always came first. I just started wrestling to help my football out. It puts you in different body positions. It increases your body awareness. It puts your body in awkward positions where you have to maintain your balance or otherwise you're going to lose the match. You had better understand your weight distribution and your footwork."

Q: What is your major? EG:
"My major is industrial education. I would be teaching shop and crafting, and those sorts of things. I have to student-teach and then I can graduate. I plan to student-teach some this spring, and then after the season. It's just something that always interested me. I like working with my hands and having something productive come out of it. I like to have something to show for my efforts."

Q: Alexander has a real good beat on what goes on at Central Michigan. How well do you know him and what is your relationship like to this point? EG:
"We actually met each other after my season was over. I have a real good idea of who he is now. I knew of him for several years and knew who he was, but I never actually met until after the season was over. We really only had limited time together."

Q: What is the origin of your last name? EG:
"Romanian. My dad's grandparents came over from Romania, but I'm not sure of the dates off the top of my head."

Q: What do you plan to do between now and minicamp, workout-wise? EG:
"I run a lot. I think I just have to maintain the shape I'm in. I feel I'm in good shape."

Q: Have you talked with former Central Michigan and Cincinnati Bengals offensive lineman Brock Gutierrez at all? EG:
"I actually talked with him this morning. I talk to him probably once or twice a week. We worked out together sometimes. He's a good guy."

Q: How long have you known him? EG:
"I've known him for about the last two years."

Q: Did he tell you the Bengals would take you? EG:
"He told me the Bengals might be interested. He said the draft is hard to predict where you might go, but told me there was a chance I could go there."

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